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Welcome to Lush Longboards!

We are the UK’s #1 longboard brand!

We’re skater owned and skater run, and have been since our founding in 1999. Our is mission is unchanged after all this time: to make the best longboard skateboard products we can, and share our stoke for longboarding with as many people as possible!

Longboarding is awesome. We’ve been exploring the world, making friends and pushing our own limits via our longboards for longer than we care to remember. To us, a longboard is a vehicle for freedom, a passport to to a route less travelled, and a tool for self exploration.

It’s not about showing off or impressing your mates, it’s not about aggression or image, it’s about the pure stoked up vibe you get from simply riding a long skateboard. “Land every carve!”

In all our years of doing this we have yet to see anybody try a longboard out and not be stoked. We know that once you’re rolling, nothing will stop you!

Longboarding is also about community. We have been organising and supporting longboard events in the UK and Europe for as long as we have been pressing decks.

Our team is full of stoked individuals who share our vision for fun and adventure through all kinds of skateboarding and longboarding – be it downhill, freeride, transition, dancing or street. You can get to know them here, or meet them at one of the many longboard gatherings and events across the UK and Europe.

You can check out our range of longboards and cruiser boards here. Our boards have years of hard-won skate knowledge in every shape, and they are pressed, shaped and finished in our custom mouldset, using specific layups and materials to suit the need and purpose of each deck. Cruising, Carving, Sliding, Freeride and Downhill – we’ve got it all!

Need some inspiration for another trick to learn? Check out the Learning Curve – a growing trick tips and how to resource section, with detailed walkthroughs, images and animations to make learning to longboard even easier!

You can learn more about our production process, technology and materials, plus find a whole load of longboard tech tutorials, guide and how-to’s in the Workshop Section.

If you choose to buy a complete, the choice of components is just as important as the deck. We build with the finest parts from Cult Wheels and Sabre Trucks for a super smooth ride.

Once you’re onboard, send us your setup and we’ll put it up on Riders Rides – a gallery for all Lush board owners!

Check out the latest news from Lush HQ, new products, team features, skate vids, and way more on the Lush Skate Blog.

See you on a hill soon….


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Lush Samba X-Flex Review


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I was super stoked to see lush coming out with a dedicated carving setup! I got the Elite Complete cause I wanted the most wheel grip possible and shipping took about a week, which was much faster than I expected. Beautiful thick dark finish on the wood and the trucks and wheels look super sick. On my first ride it took some getting used to, the trucks just keep turning into no man's land and never hit a barrier that you'd feel with other loosened have to get it up to speed a bit to throw it around because of the wideish wheel base, but I love the bounce you get out of each turn and I'm even able to pump up a slight hill no problem. I love how much weight I can throw into it and the turning radius is unreal. I'ts even pretty stable at speed because of the drop deck; I've never gotten speed wobbles even though I've kept the trucks super loose. Once I started getting comfortable and digging in, I started to get a feel for the deck's limits. the wheel grip is not as sticky as i'd like, I ride a lifted fishboard with carving trucks that has more stick on old big zigs than the stock setup did on day 1, but when the wheels do start to slide it's extremely controllable and feels totally safe and smooth, not like you're destroying your wheels. I'm not sure if it slides because the deck is flexing and taking pressure off the wheels or if the wheels just aren't as sticky as I'm used to, but I plan on switching out the wheels eventually and finding out. Another problem that I ran into is that when I really started to throw the board around the deck scraped the ground at the peak of my turn a few times, and now there are a few unfortunate gashes in the beautiful finish on the rails. I had a feeling that clearance was going to be an issue with center mounted trucks and a dropped flexy deck, but for the most part it was totally fine for 98% of the thrashing I was able to give it over a few days. I like the Idea of having the grip tape go all the way to the last possible edge of the deck and it feels great on your feet, but it does make the board extremely uncomfortable and awkward to carry up a hill, and I've sliced up my fingers pretty good carrying it around since i got it, I found myself having to carry it around like a pizza box so I could protect my fingers. I think I might cut a strip of tape out of the middle so I can actually hold the thing. I think I'm gonna ride the stock wheels for a while more, but I'm excited to put on some stickier wheels with more clearance (big zigs...) and see if I can get it to hug the ground a bit more. hopefully the slide I'm getting isn't created by the shock absorption of the x-flex deck, but it wouldn't be a horrible trade off for the amount of bounce you get out of the turns. I have a feeling that with a taller, stickier set of wheels, this board will be a 4.5/5 for me. Add a little more clearance (or fatter wood for less bounce) and take away a bit of length to and it would be an automatic 5/5 for what I'm looking for. If I had to do it again, I'd get the lower tier setup and use the stock wheels for sliding and get my own sticky wheels. I definitely have an ideal sticky turny board feel in my head that nothing may ever meet, but this board came pretty dang close. Overall it's a super fun board and I would totally recommend the board if you're looking for a smooth turny ride with a little bit of slide.


Alex’s Kisiwa

I’ve ridden it a long time and made modifications she’s a tough cookie and has lasted well. So when the other two dancers fail this still works. I reshaped the tail a bit so I can actually balance on the tip of it. It’s totally ghetto but I dig it.