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Lush Skater Survey 2016

Lush Longboards




We have always been driven by skaters, for skaters. We are a company that has grown with UK longboard community for nearly two decades – we see building skateboards and building a community as one and the same thing. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!

As such, we value your input and feedback enormously. We’d be stoked if you took a couple of minutes out of your life to tell us a few things about yourself and your journey through longboarding – it’ll help us do better, and you could win a Lush Longboards Complete of your choice!

Click here to take part in the Lush Skater Survey 2016…

LoRaLo 2016 raw run with Martin VerySchräg

Lush Longboards


Lush team rider Martin has been out and about a lot this summer attending a lot of events and have a lot of fun with his Lush Longboard. Our friends at Big Mountain Skate always put on rad downhill skateboarding events and LoRaLo is just one of them.

Here’s a raw run featuring Martin on the LoRaLo track as filmed by our good buddy and luging legend Alex “Tikialex” Frischauf so you can get a taste of the action.

Kozakov 2016 Raw Run: Pete Connolly

Lush Longboards


Here is a sick raw run from Lush teamrider Pete Connolly at Kozakov 2016 with Mikel Echegaray Diez filming. The GPS overlay on this edit is a really nice touch as it gives you a good guide as to just how crazy this hill is.

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