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Skate diary

Jooz and the Machine 3D at the Sliders Skate House.

Lush Longboards


Jooz and his Machine 3D took a trip out to Tenerife and visited the Silders Skate house a couple of weeks ago. While there the guys at Sliders Skate house managed to grab some pretty cool footage of both him and the island.

Jooz had so much fun he decided to up sticks and move into the Sliders Skate House. So if you fancy taking a trip out there and hitting some of these spots with Jooz just give him a shout. He and the Sliders Skate House crew would be stoked to have you visit.

In the spotlight – The Symbian 3D

Lush Longboards


The Symbian 3D is probably our most popular longboard, with good reason – it does pretty much everything, suiting everyone from beginners to more advanced skaters. Good for beginners learning to slide, snowboarders and surfers wanting to get into longboarding, or more advanced dancers looking for something to work on their flip tricks and tighten up their cross-stepping – there is something here for almost every skater.


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