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Archives: June 2011


Lush Longboards


Here’s another new setup we’ve been working on… the greatest mini cruiser we’ve ever created, the Shralper!

Small and perfectly formed from cold-pressed 7ply maple , the perfect addition to your quiver.

Check the truck setup out… are we the first longboard company to spec double barrel bushings in our stock trucks? These trucks are ridiculous fun… amazing turn and dive, with all the rebound a barrel bushing gives.

Decent concave and steep kicks make the Shralper fully on for skateparks and street on your journey to college/work if you want to.

Coming August 2011. More Info Here.

Back from Wallonhill

Lush Longboards


A super good freeride – really slick organisation, nice campsite next to the river, fun hill and a good turnout of over 130 riders.

Here’s Jesse and Chris on the last straight, courtesy of Travis Horsfall of Heelside Magazine… quick GoPro edit coming soon.

Cheers to Longboard Blutcher for organising… we’ll be back!


Lush Longboards


The whole UK and Factory teams, plus a few “extras,” are heading over to the Wallonhill/Houyet freeride this weekend.

That’s nine skaters, five video cameras, and three vans… should be a good’un! Looking forward to seeing you there! Video and wotnot when we get back…

Rainbow Road

Lush Longboards


Another quick edit from our trip to Spain a couple of months back… Jesse Tighe and Chris Vanstone skating “Rainbow Road.”

This hill was too good… super varied with fast bits, tight bits, twisty bits, dangerous bits, with hardly any cars on… we camped up here for two days out of our week. Stoked…


Lush Longboards


Here’s another new board we’ve been working on… the Lopez.

Lush Lopez Graphic

We had a lot of people asking us to make something real simple and stylish in the graphics department… this is what we came up with.

Here’s the profile – mini kick makes commuting a little easier and adds a lot of functionality to the pintail shape, and camber gives a nice natural flex.

Red top stain! We don’t think it makes you any faster but it does look nice.

V-Lam Cherry, Maple and Walnut layup… classic.

The Lopez will be available from the start of August in good skateshops everywhere, and is available for preorder here. More info on the boards page…

Q&A with Jesse Tighe

Lush Longboards


It’s time for a Question and Answer session with our newest UK rider…

If you were a wheel, what size, colour and duro would you be?

13″, black and hard.

What’s the best sandwich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Bacon, sausage, burger and cheese BellyBuster in a field just outside of Bruton

What was the last book you didn’t read?

The Bible

First thing you’d do if the end of the world was coming soon?

Set fire to a police car and drive it into a church.

What’s the best ginger/blonde put down you’ve ever received?

I called Vanny Gimli

Gin mixer of choice?

Doesn’t matter as long as you got all the lemons and all the limes.

What boards do you skate?

Vandella, Sequel and the special Satan proto.

What’s the sketchiest takeout you’ve ever ordered?

Number 135, House special foo yung.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had road rash?

The armpit.

What did you do last Saturday night?

Sailed the void.

A pet hate of yours is:

Wet socks.

A guilty pleasure of yours is:

Stephen Fry’s voice.

You have a Delorean and one return trip to the future or the past. Where do you go and what do you do?

April 2nd 1976, invest $20 in Apple Inc.

Describe your life to date in one word:


An excuse you often use is:

“Satan told me to.”

If you could change one thing about yourself – what would it be?

Switch my hair out for an afro.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I once got in a fight with Venetian Snares.


Lush Longboards


Here’s the details of another new board in our lineup – the Stallion!

Big ole’ nose, lots of concave and a tail make the Stallion a proper ATV- happy in a skatepark, on a slide hill, or just bombing to work.

Rich spent nearly an hour in the studio trying to do these chrome graphics justice – trust us when we say he hasn’t! This thing is immense and has to be seen in the flesh to be believed.

Cult Classics, and Six Inch trucks with our new double barrel bushing setup finish off the package.

This board is the first we’re releasing with the artwork of Pete Fowler as the graphic. Pete is a world-renowned illustrator, he’s done work for many other brands, and we’re stoked that he’s taken time to do these for us.

Original concept sketch before scanning and colouring…

The Stallion will be in shops worldwide in August 2011, and it’s available for pre-order for UK customers now in the Lush Shop.