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Archives: August 2011

Many Darrens!

Lush Longboards


Here’s a nice sequence of what the Stallion can do… Darren Rathbone putting one of our shop decks through it’s paces at the warehouse with an ollie into the hill.

This was done by fixing the camera exposure, framing and focus on the first frame of the sequence (the ollie), and then taking pictures of each slide as Darren went further and further down the hill. The separate images where then combined in Photoshop to create the single composite image sequence.

Wallpapers coming later this week! Keep your eye on the Flickr for that.

Skate and Donate

Lush Longboards


To encourage YOU to DONATE to Macmillan Cancer Support, we’ve put together a goody bag for this year’s Bristol Board Meeting.

The first 300 people who donate £10 or more will get:

A free Bristol Board Meeting Tshirt courtesy of us here at Lush…

Lots of stickers from our amazing sponsors – we’ve got skate companies, longboard shops and some random goodness contributing…

…and a Wham Bar and a bag of Jelly belly beans to keep you sugared up for the 13 mile trip.

So please – give generously!

We also have some new sponsors onboard for the raffle – which is of course the other way you can help us raise a ton of money for Macmillan:

Holey Trucks with a pair of black powercoated Holeys… sexy.

Wham bars, giving us a huuuuge box of chewy awesomeness for the goody bags

Skateboards Of Choice with a G&S complete – cheers dudes…

Boardology sending us a Chrome Roces Helmet

Nutcase Helmets with Three (Count’em!) helmets.

This even is going to be the biggest thing ever in UK longboarding… YOU need to be there. September The Tenth Two Thousand and Eleven – etch it on your brain, keep it free and bring your skateboard!

More news soon – watch this forum thread for the latest updates.

Bristol Board Meeting – Updates

Lush Longboards


A couple of updates on the BBM for you…

First up, we’ve had even more sponsors coming on board, including Octane Sport, Gecko Helmets, Skatehut, Holey Trucks, Skateboards of Choice, Faltown, PSD, Jelly Belly and more!

We’ve got loads of stuff to give away at the raffle now… check this thread on the forum for the latest updates. You can win it by buying Raffle Tickets on the day, all proceeds going to Macmillan.

Secondly, the starting point has moved due to works at Bath Spa Station. We’re now meeting in Green Park, Bath, which is just along the cycle path from the railway station:

See you there! More updates tomorrow!

The Zappa – not just a mini cruiser

Lush Longboards


Ads took one of our Zappas to Midsommer Norton this weekend.

It flies! Just recovered from a broken ankle, sustained at this very skatepark…

Slashin’ the Concrete Wave… Man.

Thanks to Myles for the photos.

The Shocker

Lush Longboards


Stallions, Shralpers, Lopez and Zappas are shipping to retailers worldwide today.

But the icing on the cake is our new ultra-short topmount – the Shocker!

It’s a mini Vandella… our 4X construction combined with a shorter wheelbase makes it super stiff, perfect for big standies and predrifts.

A new truck for the lineup… this a 7.375″ super wide, super low Traditional Kingpin Truck, complete with a long kingpin, 14mm double barrel bushings, a thick 2mm flat washer on the top, and a cup washer on the bottom. Attention to detail? We’ve even colour matched the risers.

Yes those are Cult Converters… sliding time! Jesse Tighe you have a new skateboard coming.

More Chrome Phil Harvey artwork finishes this one off.

Watch this space for some BBM news soon!


Lush Longboards


We’ve had a few new prototypes in recently…

Elevator and Symbian, looking crazy good…

Mr Pearce, your deck is in the post.

We’ll have the Shocker online tomorrow – watch this space.

Q&A – Adam Hill

Lush Longboards


We have recently been joined in our container by Adam Hill – he’s our new “Head of Sales” here at Lush HQ. He’s a Bristol local and has been skating here and coming to Europe with us for a few years now. Here’s a Q&A with a man with the plan…

Last corner at Psyche Hill…

>If you were a wheel, what size, colour and duro would you be?

70mm , Ral 3020 , 80a

>What’s the best sandwich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Mashed potato sandwich in my kitchen.

>What was the last book you didn’t read?

SAP operation manual

>First thing you’d do if the end of the world was coming soon?

Get towed into Teahupo’o while it’s heaving

Ads surfs a lot… you can tell. A Somerset break.

>What boards do you skate?

Vandella / Symbian / Future Primitive (reissue)

>What’s the sketchiest takeout you’ve ever ordered?

Curried goat . Although I have to say it is now one of my favourites.

>Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had road rash?

Inside my navel.

>What did you do last Saturday night?

Celebrate my freedom.

>A pet hate of yours is:


>A guilty pleasure of yours is:

Digging out my earwax . It’s so satisfying when you get a nice big lump out .

>You have a Delorean and one return trip to the future or the past. Where do you go and what do you do?

I’d go back 25 years and tell myself to skate more.

>Describe your life to date in one word:


At the top of the office roll in… come and skate this at the Bristol Board Meeting!

>An excuse you often use is:

” No I did tell you about it honest , I’m sure I did , YOU must have forgotten ”

>If you could change one thing about yourself – what would it be?

Currently I would swap my left ankle for a new one.

>Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I took a gold medal in Judo at the British Nationals a few years ago .

>How much would we get for you if we weighed you in for scrap?

I think you would do pretty well . I have 6 screws in my jaw and another 6 in my left leg along with a nice steel bar . You should get something for my organs too as they are still in pretty good shape .

>What’s with the socks?

Not sure really, I blame Borek . I have a fine collection now .

>How long would you last in a fight with Bruce Lee?

Longer than Chuck Norris would.

Wednesday BBQ

Lush Longboards


We had a few people come and skate the hill today.

Nath did a boneless on a Shralper

Then we had a BBQ.

Summer is going off…