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Archives: November 2011

Win an Elevator Deck

Lush Longboards


It’s Christmas soon… so we thought we’d do another competition to win one of those new boards we’ve just done…

The deal is – everyone who orders anything (Cult Wheels and Sabre Trucks stuff counts too!) from our webshop before the 31st December 2011 will be entered into the draw to win an Elevator Deck Only. You wanted some more wheels or something anyway, right? 😉

We’ll be announcing the winner first thing in the New Year. Good luck!

Adjustable Drop Through Mounts

Lush Longboards


Early this year, we designed a new drop-through pattern for use on the Sequel, Generator and Symbian decks. We had the opportunity to try something new, so here’s what we came up with – Adjustable Wheelbases on a Drop-Through.

Long wheelbase…

…short wheelbase!

We’re pretty sure we’re the only deck manufacturer to do this. It gives 20mm of wheelbase adjustment, 10mm at each end, with THREE possible lengths.

Click here for more information and a list of compatible trucks.

Thirty Eight Percent Gradient

Lush Longboards


Regular blog readers will know about the 38% hill we found a few weeks ago near our workshop in Bristol.

This weekend, we persuaded our resident hard-wheel slider Matt Pearce to have a crack at it. 2nd try was this Backside 360 straight into a Layback. Consider that just getting down this road on SOFT wheels is beyond many skaters…

This is a composite photo sequence of several runs, one after another, all on the same line, all perfect. Matt is Dialled with a capital D!

Symbian Competition Winner

Lush Longboards


If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will know that we ran a competition last month to win a Symbian Deck by subscribing to our YouTube.

Well, it’s the end date, and the winner is Chris Cade from Albuquerque New Mexico – which we assume means it’s going to see some pretty good ditches!

We are jealous… photo shamelessly stolen from Silverfish.

Deck is on the way to you now buddy… subscribe to the newsletter for news of our next giveaway!

Symbian and Elevators are here

Lush Longboards


Two of the nicest shapes we’ve ever done… If you’re looking for a new freeride deck, we’ve got you covered with the new Symbian and Elevator.

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Product Placement…

These two new shapes have a lot in common – they are both designed with a slidey, carvey ride, if you’ve only been skating longboards for a couple of years you’ll know it as “Freeriding.” They both come set up with the mighty Cult Classics and proven Sabre Trucks and bushings. They are both from our new rocker mould – 0.75″ rocker, and 0.75″ radial concave.

Lots of lovely rocker!

The main differences between the two are:

>The Elevator is topmount, the Symbian is drop-through. The Symbian is slidier, easier for more technical freeride and dancing moves, whereas the Elevator is grippier, with a touch more control when sliding for the more advanced skater, or those who just prefer that surfy topmount feeling.

Rich with a sideways Elevator around the Bristol “corner training” location… surfin…

>The Symbian is completely symmetrical, as the name suggests, perfect for shuvits and flips. With the Elevator, we kept things directional, using a similar profile to the renowned Sequel and Vandella race decks.

You asked for symmetrical decks…

>The Elevator is 8ply Canadian Maple for a little flex, whilst the Symbian is 9ply for extra strength and less “bounce” for super long standup slides.

Rob needed a stiff deck for this sort of steepness… arrrrgh!!!!

>The Symbian has a fully-functional nose and tail, giving a little more maneuverability and even alowing ollies and flips should you desire, whilst the Elevator has only a very small tail and barely any nose.

Mini-kicks on the Symbian…

>The Elevator has probably the craziest graphic we’ve ever done – full-chrome print with a multicoloured fade underneath, artwork by Tom Moore – and also a mashup of Green and Blue Cult Classics. If you want to stand out from the crowd, stare lovingly at your own reflection all day, or deflect laser beams, you are gonna like this…

This photo really does not do it justice… believe us!

These two decks are, in a way, the spiritual successors to the legendary Lush Samba – retired from the Lush Quiver after seven years of service!

Both are available now from your local skateshop, or if you’re in the UK, Canada, USA or Germany, right here from our own website from the product pages.

PS we also got loads more Generators and Sequels back in stock… woohooo!!!