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Archives: May 2012

Bo Peep – This weekend!

Lush Longboards


It’s on – this weekend!! We’ll be there with a stand full of demo boards, trucks and wheels for sale on the left hander – stop by and say hello!

Here at HQ, team Hawaii are packing the stand up and getting the ISM juggling dialled in for the weekend…

We like concave

Lush Longboards


In the beginning (over a decade ago… time flies!) pressing boards with concave was a big deal for us. Probably because we were pressing birch using a hand-tightened wooden press in a damp Sheffield cellar…

Now we have the use of a huge hydraulic ram, thinner veneers of Canadian maple and fibreglass, CNC steel moulds, and super-strong epoxy glues. All combined means we can get some pretty cool shapes compared to the old days…

History lesson over, here’s a few concave shots from a few of our more recent deck offerings. Enjoy!

Wizard – super deep “pool” concave, with a flat section in the middle…

The “powder nose” on the Stallion…

Check the hips on the Vandella’s radial concave…

Nuff concave on the front of the Sequel!

This is the really cool part of the Antuna… a sudden deepening of the concave at the rear of the standing platform, thanks to a clever bit of mould positioning and rail profile… Sick back foot placement.

Check the boards pages or the Vandem Flickr for more!

Hog Hill

Lush Longboards


If you’re in the East London area this weekend, you really should be going to this… Beginners workshop, Downhill racing and Slalom, all on a closed track with no cars… all organised by our friends at Octane Sport and Newtons Shred.

Main event info Click Here (or here for the facebook)

Beginners workshop info Click Here

Calne Jam

Lush Longboards


Woohaaaa we had a blast! Sunshine all day, a relaxed vibe, and a good turnout for the bowl and the hill.

Shiner’s warehouse staff represent! Joxa boneless the hip…

Rich on the other side of the lens for a change – Giovanni photo

Lots of people on the little slide hill… didn’t catch this dude’s name, but like eveyone else he was givin it some!!

Superfreaks! Who’s leg is whos?

We’ll be doing this event again for sure, it was awesome! Come along next time if you missed it!

More photos on facebook here and here!

UK Online Shop relaunch

Lush Longboards


So… we’ve finally given in to repeated customer request and relaunched our own online UK shop – HERE IT

Our goal here is to provide a premium service for UK skaters who want to buy direct from us. Stocking all Lush products, as well as offerings from Cult Wheels and Sabre Longboard Trucks, we offer Free Next Day UK Delivery on all orders placed before 2pm!

If you’re from outside the UK, you can buy from us or find your local stockist here.

We are of course strongly encouraging you to buy from your local stockist wherever you can – find your nearest one here!

But if you can’t find what you need locally, or you just like the idea of buying direct from us, you now know where to come…