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Archives: June 2012

Matt and Nick in Barcelona

Lush Longboards


Long-time Lush friends Nick Channon and Matt Pearce just got back from a sliding trip to Bareclona – here is Matt’s version of events. Video coming soon! (We just saw a sneak peak… it’s going to be worth the wait.)

Words by Matt Pearce, all photos by Charlie Barnard.

Probably the greatest slide hilll in the world… the scene of many Lush trips… Epic.

“I think this was my 6th trip to Barcelona to slide some dusty side streets. Not only is it a mecca for street skaters with a stair set and perfect granite ledge around every corner, but the steep, smooth slopes of Montjuic rise right out of the city centre. If you ever get bored of them, you can take a short ride on the air conditioned Metro to the hills that stretch away to the north. This all makes it pretty damn good for downhill skaters as well.

Nick Channon, with the mind-bending manoeuvre known as a “flat spin”…

The plan for the four days was to slide, film some footage and make an edit with Mr Nick ‘flatspin’ Channon. The four days were spent sliding hills in the morning and then hitting the beach in the afternoon. The air was 35 degrees, the water was 21 degrees and rogue salesman were selling ice cold Majitos right on the beach. Life was sweet. Until…

…We wiped 2 days worth of footage! Don’t ask how. Suffice to say that Go Pros are complicated when you don’t have the instruction manual, you have been skating for 3 hours, run out of food and water and can’t land the trick you want to get!


So footage gone, we had one evening left to get everything we needed. Turns out this was the motivation we needed and a completely mental session ensued. Empty hill, sun setting, spins and laybacks all over the place. At times there were tourists lining the road with their cameras out as we pulled slides around the coaches and scooters.

Not sure how many rotations Matt is doing here…

Footage in the can and completely exhausted we headed back into town to take part in the festivities that were kicking off for San Juan. San Juan is basically a reason to party until 6 am and let fireworks off in the street…a crazy end to an eventful trip.

You will actually be able to buy this deck soon… two years in the making, the Spacebyrds are finally coming!

Footage to follow, when I can download some editing software!”

Motion Blur

Lush Longboards


Rich is showing Mark (Team Manager) the ways of the Camera at the moment. Yesterday’s lesson was Motion Blur…

That’s what we’re looking for… blurry background, sharp rider. Rich is blurry and Rob is looking… err… let’s just say “sharp”…

To get photos like this you need to slow your shutter speed down to around 100th-150th second, depending on how fast your riders are moving. Either set your focus first, or let the autofocus do the work if your camera is clever enough. Pan with the skater smoothly and take the picture just before they go past you. After you’ve taken the picture, keep swinging the camera with your subject – it’ll keep your movement smoother and therefore the skater sharper.

You will get a really nice sensation of speed… even though the skaters were only going at sprint pace on the HQ hill, the photos are dynamic and full of movement.

You don’t really need a fancy camera to do this – just one that allows you to set your shutter speed manually. Get out there and try it!

More photo tips soon…

UK 60mph – Sequel

Lush Longboards


Regular followers of this blog will know that we found a sweet new speedspot in the UK this weekend.

The afternoon ended up getting a bit serious with aerohelmets and leathers as Pete Connolly, Rob Borek and Matt Elver got the GPS out and chased the elusive UK 60mph – after a couple of draft runs, Pete got it solo, with Rob and Matt right in his draft.

This sort of speed is pretty rapid, and requires the kind of geography we don’t have much of in the UK. Whilst skaters in other countries are blessed with huge mountain ranges, here in the UK a hill that’s got the speed and more importantly, is safe enough, is a rare beast.

It’s easy to put numbers to speed, if you’ve been anywhere near that fast you’ll know those little numbers on the LCD screen equate to some big grins and heavy consequences. For us it’s always good to know that our decks are more than capable of handling such situations. Rob and Pete both skate the Sequel, which has been in our quiver for a little over a year now. This weekend it did exactly what it was designed for – smashing some sick UK descents. The slightly longer wheelbase, 4X construction, deep concave, drop-through deck mounting all come together to give ultimate confidence and let you concentrate on getting down the hill fast and alive without worrying about what your skateboard is doing.

It looks fast just standing there…

Video coming soon! Skate hard, stay safe!

Tuixent Freeride

Lush Longboards


We are proud to be sponsoring the Tuixent Freeride – hopefully the first of many!

It’s short notice for UK skaters but it looks like a fun hill, be there if you can… More details here.


Lush Longboards


This weekend we went on a little road trip as a send off to our good friend Matt Elver, who is moving to Germany for a year to work at Layback Freiburg.

Too busy skating to get any photos apart this last one, just after Pete, Rob and Matt clocked a 60mph draft train on the GPS. Hills of that magnitude are few and far between in the UK, and finding a safe one is a treat. Maybe it’s easier to measure the weekend by the smiles instead!

Fee’s Hälden Rennen Report

Lush Longboards


As promised – here is Fee’s version of the German Chamionships that went down this weekend in Hälden Rennen.

Perhaps you might remember, in 2005 and 2006 there was the legendary Heldenrennen race, which was the German Championship. So when it got to my ears that a 2012 Heldenrennen should take place, uhhh my heart jumped! The 1.5 km long route is special for Racing. The little road is damn tight and the highlight a delicious S-Combi halfway down. The first day was Friday, we definitely skated alot with almost 20 Freerides. And Yes damn the Schnaps was easy, who can resist already by fire, many friends and a bag full of Twostripe liquor? Thanks Stefan and Maatz for the hangover on Saturday!

Freeride Friday! Patrick Labitzke photo!

On Saturday there were Qualifiquation Heats, I am actually a true Freeride-advocate it`s no secret! But with the Qualifiquation Heats-system I must say, raceeeee… again and again gladly!

Qualis – another European race with a Race To Qualify system… gotta be the future! Fee out in front for this one. Alexander Klöber photo!

Sunday morning there was an opportunity for the skaters who didn`t make the cut for a last chance race to qualify.

How was the weather? The sky has definitely poured about us. In the timetable next… the juniors, we girls and the Buttis (Buttboarders). The first Warmup run was completely slippery and after some nice words finally the good Eimer (race director) gave us a second Warmup-run. The Heldenrennen track is very tight with four in one heat in the rain.

Eyes on the apex… Sven von Schlachta photo!

I am mega flashed and stoked, 11 of 12 girls started in the total rain. Hands up for that!!! Up to the semifinal even everything was reasonably safe.
But then one of the Ladies crashed into me, and the same happened to Glori Fiziert in the hot S-Combi.

The final run with Anni Li, Tina Zobel and Glori Kupsch and a nice half wet road. It’s hard to estimate how much grip actually already there is.

Wet racing – Eric Duminil photo!

In the long right sweeper finally I had space for passing Glori, sadly the braking zone which was still wet. I was much too fast and crashed and thus gave Glori the chance to overtake me. The final run was definitely the hottest run on the whole weekend with pain from my fall, but Hey it has worth it!! Dudes I love skating and I love my Machine and I am happy like a sow looking forward to the next Weeks…shut up and skate! – Fee

There’s the few legend on that uplift bus… pulling stupid faces… – Patrick Labitzke photo!


Downhill Skateboard:

1.Platz: Sebastian Hertler
2.Platz: Olli Dehmel
3.Platz: Stehphan Kolpatzik
4.Platz: Leon Ritter


1.Platz: Gloria Kupsch
2.Platz: Fee Bücheler
3.Platz: Anni Lindenmaier
4.Platz: Tina Zobel


1.Platz: Lucas Übelhör
2.Platz: Jan Dederer
3.Platz: Lenny Gires
4.Platz: Philipp Schickor


1.Platz: Eugen Forschner
2.Platz: Joachim Lang
3.Platz: Chris Schütz
4.Platz: Renè Marx

Fee with 2nd on the podium! Markus Hensinger photo!

Lush Deluxe Race Gloves revamp

Lush Longboards


We have recently been tweaking our Deluxe Race Gloves again…

We have been making Slide Gloves for a decade now. We have some of the world’s fastest and most progressive longboarders riding these gloves and giving us feedback – they have also been scoring a LOT of podiums across Europe recently! We tweak our gloves with almost every production run. The most recent changes are:

Actual Real-Life Branded Velcro on the pucks and gloves – loosing pucks is not cool, this helps keep them where they should be.

Super Strong Coats Thread throughout the glove stitching. Coats have been going since 1755 and know a thing or two about strong stitching… The latest Lush Race Gloves are stronger than ever.

Watch this space for some additions to our Glove team!

Packing for Barcelona

Lush Longboards


Matt Pearce and Nick Channon are flying to Barcelona today for some sideways action – watch out for some footage soon!

PS That experimental deck you see at the top is coming this Autumn… watch this space!

Gerhard’s mind

Lush Longboards


…is a fun place. Our resident Saffa is a man of many thoughts… here are a few of them.

“Transcendence, enlightenment and open mindedness are concepts over-played and ridden for all that they are worth. To some it is a source of fear to others, it is life support. You might not know what the fuck I am talking about. It’s okay if you don’t, as I rarely know what I am talking about myself. Bear with me for a few paragraphs, and it might all make sense.”

Anton Pratt Photo

“Recently articles about the growth of longboarding have been popping up all over the place. Some writers deliver sound arguments, others vent.  The older generations are the ones to realise that longboarding is a close tributary about to connect to the mainstream, while the younger generations are the ones fuelling the fire of progression.  Although not the first boom in skating, longboarding provided skateboarding with the necessary elixir to grow younger and age in reverse, and if I could guess, I would say that skating is a teenager again.”

“I am no industry guru and definitely no hero, but I feel the need to shed some perspective on the act of skateboarding and the value of it to you as a person.  No matter what your skating denomination, what you like to do or what you hate, you have one common characteristic to your skating peers – that of actually skating.”

“Believe it or not, to a lesser or a fuller extent, all skaters skate. Every now and again the skater would get up from the computer, don a board and go shred. He might mimic something seen on a recent video, or he might be thinking that his wheels are too grippy, his trucks too tight or his board too long. He might try his best to improve and land a sponsor, or maybe he just enjoys the feeling of rolling momentum. Each skater is a person, and each person is different, therefore each skater is different.”

“As the sport grows and as the internet increasingly becomes a web of inspiration and brain-fuckery, skaters tend to cloud their minds a bit. Focus could perhaps be placed on unnaturally high progression, competitiveness or pleasing others. The only point of landing a switch toeside, then, would be to mimic this week’s hero or to prove that one is worthy of a title, some respect and perhaps even to be called steezy.”

“But every now and again, when the competitive drive is caught off-guard and one’s progression hits a plateau, something magical happens. That moment when you really feel rocks whether your slide is the best, whether you will be on youtube or whether you will ever skate swiss hairpins. That feeling of rolling down a hill, breaking a sweat and concentrating on the current moment. A complete ego-death. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but now.”

“In this moment of perfect concentration, the mind is clear and the body clean.  The amalgamated plethora of variables is collectively ignored and nothing exists, yet everything is created. It isn’t necessary to think, but just to be.”

“I have been reading up on transcendence, meditation and these kind of hippie topics for a while now.  In short, meditation is that moment when body, mind and soul are in sync.  A meditative state is reached through relaxed and comfortable concentration, up to a point that it feels as if one isn’t concentrating at all.  It’s that feeling of slow motion or bullet time, when a second on your board feels like a few minutes.  Look at the footage, and you might realise that your body reacted without you even registering it.”

Paul Du Plessis Photo

“This brings me to the salient point of my argument, and a crisp one at that.  When you are in this relaxed state, your livelihood is at full potential.  No insecurities cloud your mind and the act of skating becomes an end in itself, rather than a means to an end.  There is therefore no difference between a skater shredding the gnar, a Buddhist monk standing on his head or a Priest locked into prayer mode. It is in this state that you are at your most content, as your soul has found its happy place.  This feeling is primitive, older than speech, and mystical.”

“When one reaches this content state, creativity and passion will flourish and shine – as clear as daylight.  Your energy and stoke will be contagious, and your skating will showcase this.  Friends will be made, fun will be had, and balance will be found.”

“My conclusion is that skateboarding isn’t about genre, merits or status. It’s about letting go.  It’s about freeing the mind.  It’s about conquering fears and having fun.  Just look at people like Rodney Mullen and Mark Gonzales.  Both of them look like kids, ageing in reverse, and developing their own universe as they go along.  That is what I aspire to.”

“So stop spending all your hard-earned cash on this season’s hits, stop oogling at google with foam in your mouth-corners, and stop being so fucking competitive.  Sit back, get to know yourself, and ride your board.  Although it is the riding of skateboards that caused the current boom in skating, it wouldn’t take the lack of riding skateboards to kill it.  So unplug yourself from the database for a while, find your happy place, and go there as much as possible.  It might be foreign, but the results will be profound.  If it doesn’t work for you, return to the cesspool, and leave the rest of us be.”

“As for me, I never thought I would connect with my inner Neanderthal through skating.”