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Archives: July 2012

Symbian Prog Rock

Lush Longboards


Is this even better than the Elevator Guitar Graphic we released last week? We think it might be…

Pete Fowler has once again come up trumps with this beauty of a graphic, combine it with the now-iconic Symbian freeride shape and you have a winner.

This is about the lowest board we do… drop-through and rocker. If you want a super-low ride height for easy pushing, sliding, control and stability, this is the one!

The Original Symbian Graphic is still available if you prefer the work of Jethro Haynes… should be in shops in around two-three weeks time. Let us know what you think in the comments box!

Eider Walls

Lush Longboards


A cool rider profile/lifestyle video from Eider Walls of Spain, definitely worth a watch if you have a spare 5 minutes 15 seconds. Downhill, dancing, freeride… it’s all in here! See if you can spot the Symbian, Shocker and Legend

Harry / Zappa

Lush Longboards


Harry has been down Saffron Walden on his Zappa again… Thanks to Kevin Broadbent for the photo!

More from Harry soon… keep an eye on his team page for more updates.

Elevator – Prog Rock

Lush Longboards


We have a new Elevator graphic…

The Cosmic/Melt switch is set to “Melt,” obviously…

Chrome strings, pickups and knobs for full effect…

One of our best sellers this year, and here’s why… Cult Classics, 0.75″ rocker concave, little mini-kicks and a semi-symetrical shape make this a perfect do-anything longboard.

Here is a video to inspire you… not too sure about the gold trousers though.

Fee in the Alps

Lush Longboards


Cool video from Fee Bucheler of highlights from her ongoing roadtrip with Gloria Kupsch in the European Alps… Sick roads and good times!!!!

A Legend in Budapest

Lush Longboards


We’re proud to welcome Gabor Csutar to the Lush Team!

Q&A by Zsófi Juhász and Nathan Settle.

Q: You were part of the street skate scene for many years, how did you get into longboarding?

A: I was obsessed with my street skating experience, so I denied longboarding as much as possible, for years… Even when I stopped skateboarding I carried this resistance within me, so when a year ago my friend told me about longboarding and how exhilarating it is, i was totally against him. He mentioned It feels like surfing on concrete! even though Ive never stood on a surf before, I had to admit that must be a good feeling. Then I visited Barcelona…

Péter Susán photo

Q: What was so inspiring for you in Barcelona that you fell in love with longboarding?

A: I don’t know, after my friend told me about longboarding, I started to think about it… I started to open myself up to the idea.When I arrived to Barcelona… I was ready!Then it happened, a guy accidentally failed a trick near to me, and by that time I was craving to stand on longboard, and the dudes deck came up to me, so I could touch it with my foot just to stop it… That was all, but it was much more.I do not believe in coincidences.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try longboarding for the first time?

A: I think professional equipment or the quality is really important to have the chance for a nice progression. I didn’t know that, I tried it first with a cheapest longboard… But that can be better if you’re changing your mind often and not so sure about what you want to do.The next thing I think is the persistence! you should be humble to yourself, to your skills, to your safety and your progression. No one is born as a professional longboard rider, you should let yourself have the chance for a slow and sure progression. Time and persistence will have a result! But the most important thing is to enjoy what you do!

Péter Susán photo

Q: If you could select any place to longboard, what would you select?

A: So Id love to ride the hills of Hawaii and Australia. Australia’s got a quite strong attraction for me, however Ive never been there before.But Id really-really love to ride in Tibet, when the circumstances were better…

Q: What is your go to board at the moment?

A: I’ve started with skating the Legend and I enjoyed it a lot, and now I’m trying out the Wizard and the Sequel, they’re both very promising, I love them!

Q: I can imagine you were a boisterous child. Was there an occasion when you made your parents really scared?

A: At an excursion arranged by my dads office there was a 5 meter high bonfire and i was walking around it like a hyper little kid. I couldn’t handle my energy and out of excitement i jumped onto a burning piece of wood…a rusty nail pierced straight through my foot. That must have been scary for them.

Q: Your worst pick up line?

A: I walked up to a girl in a party and we started chatting, i asked how old she was, she said 22 i replied that was the exact age my mother gave birth to me. There was an awkward silence and i was so wasted i drop my beer.

Q: What was the weirdest thing you did in a party?

A: I didn’t party hard enough. But I took a hot shower together with 5 dudes, after the cold swimming pool, not sober enough… Then I slammed myself on the wet floor… 5 times. There was a dog present with no ears and half a tail.

Q: Wrap up your life up to this moment in one sentence?

A: I have a wonderful sense to pick the worst girls. But i keep hoping.

Ádám Juhász

More from Gabor soon!

UK Freeride!

Lush Longboards


The UK now has a legit, closed-road freeride – click the poster for more info!

This just happens to be on Pete Connolly’s birthday… see you there!

Lush Freeride Glove updates

Lush Longboards


We’ve just done another run of Lush Freeride Gloves, with a few small improvements… the most obvious of which is a smart new black colourway!

The gloves also feature the same double-stitched Coats thread as the Deluxe Race Gloves….

…and we’re also using branded Velcro to make sure your pucks stay on!

Unlike the Race Gloves, we have included velcro finger pucks to help you learn to slide. Once you get sliding and predrifting down you’ll find that you’re able to hold your fingers off the ground, but before you get to that level, you’ll need finger pucks!

The latest batch of gloves has a Scotchlite reflective back for better visibility in the dark or twilight.

These aren’t just for beginners though… Matt Pearce swears by the Freeride gloves, here they are being used to full effect…

More info and available to buy online here!

“Skateboarding and longboarding is the same…”

Lush Longboards


Q&A with Our latest Swedish recruit, Erik Erlandsson… thanks to Yasmine Magnusson for the questions and Fredrik Blomqvist for the photos!

Q – Best hill you’ve ever skated?

A – Rödkullen up in Åre in the north of Sweden. It was a 4km run with nearly no cars and only 2 curves. It was super sweet looking out over the landscape and going 70kmh…

Q – Favorite downhill/freeride setup?

A – I think my favourite board is the Lush Shocker… Its skinny tail makes it fun to just throw out in some quick slides! That and Caliber trucks with some Venom bushings and Abec11 Grippins 81a, I love those wheels, I should get another set… Although I just got a new complete Lush Legend with Sabre trucks and Cult wheels, so I will just have to see how that performs!

Q – Worst longboard related injury?

A – It must’ve been either when I broke my arm in two places or when I broke two bones in my ankle. Now that they’re both kind of healed, I think my arm sucks the most. Those metal plates are more uncomfortable, and I can’t fully stretch it.

Q – Favorite food before/after skate?

A – There is this pizza place right next to the local longboard shop, Kahalani. I don’t know the guy’s name so I just call him Dimitri, but his chicken wraps are sooo good! Mad props.

Q – Who/what got you into skating?

A – I’ve been interested by skateboarding since always, and got my first mini-skateboard when I was 6. My brother and his friends started building and selling longboards, so I got one of those back in 2006. I didn’t realise you could do so much more with a longboard than just cruise until 09-10 or something (freestyle, freeriding, downhill…)

Q – 3 things you want to do before you die?

A – Ride Maryhill, skydive and land an airplane I boarded as a passenger… Hopefully I won’t die doing any of those!

Q – What do you think about the “hate” between longboarders and skaters?

A – Skateboarding and longboarding is the same, we just ride in different locations… Stupid people annoy me, it doesn’t matter if they are skaters, longboarders, pedestrians or car drivers.

Q – Who inspires you (longboard related) ?

A – My friend Isac Printz is a real inspiration source. He’s very young and he was on “training camp” in Australia this winter. Just trying to keep up with him is a challenge!

“Skate fast every day!”

Lush Longboards


We recently added Brazillian skater Luigi Russo to the Lush Team. While we’re putting the finishing touches on his edit, here’s a quick Q&A, with Rafael Fazano asking the questions…

Q: Athletes have to eat health food to have high performances. What’s the food you eat before bombing Brazilian hills!?

A: I love italian food, but now my favorite is the British food!

Q: What was your first skateboard?

A: My first skateboard was a legend! I toke a old peace of wood and i did a weird drop-through longboard. My friends called it as FRANKENSTEIN!!!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the best setup to Downhill and to Freeride?

A: I try to use all possible setups each day but i usually like to use drop-through decks with Cult Death Ray for high-speeds and i love use top-mount decks with Cult Classics or Cult Converter to Freeride.

Q: A bird told me that some friends call you as “DOCTOR”. Why?!

A: Hahahaha… i have this a.k.a because i have a singular opinion of each skate part available on the stores. A lot of friends knows that so they always ask my opinion before buy any skate parts!!!

Q: Hell yeah! Now we know why you have a big know-how about skate parts! Do you always connect to internet forums checking the reviews of the latest parts launched by the brands to learn how they work? How do you do?!

A: In the reality i do not like to search for informations based on opinions from skate forums because i think that every skater have a unique riding style. The best review can be only done by ourselves, so when i see a different skate part i test it!

Q: If you could select any hill to bomb, what would you select?!

A: Well i’m waiting the lottery results to see how much money i won to start my own downhill park with the hill of my dreams hahaha. While this do not happen i’m going to highways outside the city or on Bagiru Avenue where i learned to ride.

Q: To finish, what words of insight do you want to tell for the up-and-coming longboarders around the world?

A: Skate fast everyday!

How to Spot with Don and Giovanni

Lush Longboards


If you skate downhill, you need to know how to spot. Spotting corners and junctions allows you to skate more hills, faster and safer. We borrowed everyone’s favourite UK up and comers to show you how it’s done… or not done…

If you’re spotting, the first job is to identify a good place on the hill where riders can see you, and you can see far enough down the hill or round the corner. For this particular road, it’s super easy to spot – this photo is taken from the top of the hill, the spotter can see all the way to the bottom, and also can bee seen clearly by the skaters before they push off.

We use two hand signals – Two hands above your head (optionally accompanied by shouting and jumping around) means “STOP…”

…and a hand waved below waist level means “CLEAR.”

There are a few other basics that will help you to keep things safe and fun:

1> Shouting alongside hand signals is good, but never shout “GO” becuase from a distance it sounds like “NO!” Shout to draw attention to your hand signals. We use “CLEAR” or “STOP” as they cannot be mixed up, also “CAR UP” for a car coming up the hill and “CAR DOWN” for a car coming down the hill. Always assume that skaters can’t hear anything you are saying – because most of the time, they can’t!

2> Rotate your spotters!!! If you are walking back up the hill past a spotter, ALWAYS offer to spot for a run. That way, everyone gets to skate more. If you’re running a tight ship, you should never be spotting for more than 2 minutes… and you probably need a rest on the way back up anyway.

3> Pay Attention and Take It Seriously!!! As a spotter you potentially hold the lives of your fellow skaters (who we hope are your friends…) in your hands. Be super clear with your hand signals and take no chances. If you are unsure of anything, stop skating and move your spotter, add another spotter, or whatever you need to do to make it safe.

4> If it’s all clear, tell skaters with a clear hand signal. Inactivity from a spotter can be confusing or misleading.

5> If you’re skating, clap your slide pucks together to get the spotters attention if you’re dropping in – they’ll tell you if everything is good.

6> Some scenes run different hand signals to this – whilst we would all love it if there was an international standard for longboard hand signals, if you’re skating with a new scene and spotting, check how they do things before the session in case it’s different to what you’re used to.

Here is John with a classic example of how NOT to spot… maybe the choice of reading material has something to do with it?

More from these two lovely chaps on the 3rd greatest blog in downhill skateboarding….