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Archives: May 2013

UK Dawn Speed

Lush Longboards


Pete and Rob hooked up with a few friends this weekend for a dawn speed mission…

Sweet edit and filming from Fibretec’s Luca Coleman… 60mph with a DSLR in hand…!!

…and Sam Holding put together this cut from Newton’s Shred GoPro footage.

Both Rob and Pete rocking the Sequel… used here as we intended!

Nico Brunet Tie Dye Special

Lush Longboards


Nico was shredding hard at the Yzeron Freeride recently… We collared him long enough for a quickfire Q&A, too. Thanks to Sebastien Maspero for the skate photos!

Name: Nicolas Brunet

Country: France

Originally from: Reims (51)

Living Now: Montélier (Drome 26)

Years longboarding: 6 Years skating.

Sponsors: VANDEM. Cult Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Lush Longboards. DROME TEAM

Favourite Lush boards? Machine, Steezestoker

Current setup? Just got a Stezestoker, with Sabre 190 and Classic cult!

Chosen terrian? FDH !

Best Skate Events? URAR event (Saint-Mury, old wild Valdrôme)

Worst Injuries? Two Dislocated Shoulders (now is like new with surgery)

Plans for the future? Ride and ride, and I would like to have my longboard ditribution in France (For VANDEM and DROME TEAM)

You ideal day consists of… Get up at 7 O’clock, big sun, good road, and ride all the day, with a good lunch pause, ride again, and when the night is comming, good party with friend and some Chartreuse yea yea !!

Your inner skate animal is: Hum I think… A Pingus!! I don’t know why ! haha

Lush at Newton’s Nation

Lush Longboards


We hit Newton’s Nation pretty hard last weekend… Jordan, Cal O’ Cal and Matt Bates all representing with some tight race runs.

Jordan Riachi Newton's Nation
Jordan Riachi leading the pack in Michael English’s leathers… Jordan crashed out in the Junior finals and scored a well-deserved 4th place in the Junior category – at his first ever international, congratulations bro!!

Matt Bates was shredding on his Steezestoker… he’s not just about powerslides and hardflips…

Callum O’ Callaghan showing us that The Machine is definitely a capable race deck when it wants to be…

If you watched the commentary you will probably have heard our good friend Bricin Lyons giving us a shout out over the mic… there was even a section of track named the “Lush Longboards Essses”… We were stoked to be supporting this race, it’s a good ‘un and should be on every downhill skaters “to-hit” list…

Huge thanks to James Turner and Kate Tellefson for the photos!

Fabian Laute is a caterpillar.

Lush Longboards


Fabian is warming up for this year’s race season… here’s a quickfire Q&A with the man behind the ever-popular Steezestoker.

Favourite Lush boards?
Steezestoker and Spacebyrd Day

Current set up?
Steezestoker, 46° Gunmetal Mactens, Classic/Traction Beam/Gamma Rays, Sunrise bearings, Riptide Bushings,
Spacebyrd Day, Tracker Axis, Bones Hardcore Bushings, Bones Spf/Cultisms

Chosen terrain?
All of ’em.

Best sk8 events?
Josh’S Outlaw Race (California)
St Ouen (France)
Insul Cup (Germany)
Hawaiian Outlaw Series #1 (Hawaii)?

Worst injuries?
Besides a broken rib probably none, I skate safe!

Plans for the future?
Enjoy life and keep skating.

Ideal day consists of….
A good session, good weather, nice safety gear and hanging out listening to some nice tunes.

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
A caterpillar.

Thanks to Felix Buchholz for the photos!

Welcome to the team – Ian Freire

Lush Longboards


Ian rules… steep, fast, stylish. Here’s a quick Q&A… Welcome to the team Ian!!

Favourite Lush boards?
Steezestoker and The Pig!

Current set up?
Lush Steezestoker, Aera Trucks, Cult Wheels

Chosen terrain?
Hill’s with big corners and amazing landscapes!!!

Worst injuries?
Broken arm…

Plans for the future?
Finish school and keep longboarding!!!!

Ideal day consists of….
Barbecue at local hill with homies and skate all day!

Years of skate?
Almost 2 years…

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
I guess its a bird…i feel like i´m flying sometimes…

Q&A – Jordan Riachi

Lush Longboards


Our own Jordan Riachi is hitting Newton’s Nation this weekend on his Steezestoker… here’s a quick Q&A prior to the big event!

Name: Jordan Riachi

Hometown: Brisbane since I was born!

Years skating: Skated street for a year until I discovered soft wheels which led me into the downhill skateboarding scene, with a help from a few friends. So stoked to be a part of such rad teams and have an impact on the skate community.

Favourite Lush boards? Steezestoker no doubt

Current set up? Lush Steezestoker, Caliber precisions, various Cult Wheels..

Chosen terrain? Anything steep with corners

Best sk8 events? Some huge freeride events over here in Australia, King of the Zig 2013, Newtons nations 2013

Worst injuries? Just a bit of road rash

Plans for the future? Skate hard, finish school, get a job, make friends, have fun!

Your ideal day consists of…. breakfast with the boiz, skate at Mt Neebo, then a bulk freeride with friends after.

Photo and edit by our good friend Animal House Reference