In the spotlight – The Legend X-Flex

Lush Longboards


The longest board we make at over 45″ long, the Legend X-Flex is our cruiser/dancer shape. One of the first decks we pressed with Rocker, it’s been in the lineup for a few years now, and the latest version has a few new features and refinements that really set it apart.



Lush 2016 DH Race

Lush Longboards


We are super proud to unveil the latest Downhill deck in our lineup – the 2016 DH Race!

With a ultra-trendy 10″ wheelbase for “Gangsta Grip” this board is packed full of features, including:

  • Pre-Chopped Tail – no need to blunt your dad’s woodsaw!
  • 20 different wheelbase options – customise your ride like never before!
  • “Impaler” nose – why play nice at the races?
  • Flushmount drop-through – because we needed to justify the investment in our CNC machine!
  • The Biggest Wheel Wells Known to Mankind – banishing wheelbite forever! Tested to work with all wheels up to 65mm, who runs bigger than that these days anyway?
  • Aero Fins – to go with your Aero Helmet, this board reached the sound barrier in our in-house wind tunnel!
  • Camber, Rocker, Camber and more Rocker Profile – we like Camber. We like Rocker. With this board, you can have both, twice! Your feet won’t know what hit them!
  • Double-double-drop – for a ride height so low, you’re actually below the surface of the road!
  • “Accelerator” Pedals – We’re a British skateboard company, so we fill our cars up with petrol and diesel, not “Gas”. So we have “Accelerator” pedals at the nose and tail, plus an extra pair in the middle, just in case!

Check your local skate shop for this radical new shape, coming soon!

Pete Connolly goes to Majorca with Dunlop

Lush Longboards


Lush team rider and UKDH Legend Pete Connolly recently got an invite from Dunlop Tyres to fly out to Majorca and chase Champion BTCC driver Jason Plato down a legendary road. This was to  celebrate the launch of their new Sport Maxx RT2 tyre. Lets just say these boys had a lot of fun and scored some awesome footage to boot.

Wind Tunnel

Lush Longboards


An old friend of ours, Jojo Martinez, was recently able to have some wind tunnel time in Geneva.

Watch what happens when he gets to 200kph…

Filmed by Yvon Labarthe at Flying Focus.

In the spotlight – The Symbian 3D

Lush Longboards


The Symbian 3D is probably our most popular longboard, with good reason – it does pretty much everything, suiting everyone from beginners to more advanced skaters. Good for beginners learning to slide, snowboarders and surfers wanting to get into longboarding, or more advanced dancers looking for something to work on their flip tricks and tighten up their cross-stepping – there is something here for almost every skater.



Jooz ,Machine 3D and Salsito House.

Lush Longboards


If you’ve been following us recently you might have seen Lush TeamriderJooz out and about on a mysterious new Lush deck shape. Recently he took it to the Salsisto house in sunny Spain – and judging by this footage he came back with, the prototyping is finished!

Props go to Pablo Quiles of #Gnarlicante for this edit.

More info on this rad new deck soon!!


Lush Longboards


Lush teamrider Martin VerySchräg was at the Bela Joyride recently taking care of business…

Thanks to our friend Tiki Alex for the luge filming!