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Lush Longboards Spacebyrds

About this product

  • Length34.5" / 88cm
  • Width8.8" / 22cm
  • Wheelbase16" / 41cm
  • Tail6.8" / 17cm
  • ConstructionCold Pressed 7ply Hardrock Canadian Maple
  • ProfileTwintip
  • Flexpop!
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street

The Spacebyrds are our two “normal” board shapes, made for street, park, sliding, ollies, flips, grinds… you know, Skateboarding! Each board is individually cold pressed from Hardrock Canadian Maple to ensure that they are all the same concave – we’re not hot pressing like cheaper brands and we’re not stacking boards up in the press to make them faster, either. Light, strong and tough with pop!

The “Night” is the shorter and narrower deck at 32.75×8.5″, more ollieable, flippable and manouverable.

The “Day” is the longer and wider deck at 34.5×8.8″, better suited to hills, bowls, sliding and speed.

We build these up complete with Sabre Street Trucks and Cult Isms.

Lush Longboards Spacebyrds Reviews

Spacebyrds ★★★★★ 4.5 ( 2 reviews)
5 1

Lush Spacebyrds Review

4 5 1
Got the Spacebyrd Day back in August when I could barely Ollie. As I was used to the longer length of longboards such as the Loaded Tesseract, this was a really nice street skateboard for me. It was short enough for it to be functional when doing your normal skateboard tricks, but was wide enough and long enough to remain comfortable after coming from a longboard. After around 7 months of hard street skating, this board had finally showed signs of abuse; the tail has super broken and chipped. The board is also a super sick shape, just all I can say is that the nose is way different to skate than the tail. However that's the only criticism I can come up with for it. It's also very capable for a bit of mild or technical freeride. :) I'd definitely recommend the board for anyone looking for a good filmer board, or a long street skateboard, or just want a good hybrid which can handle the hills, streets and park. It's also very suitable for anyone else like myself who were used to longboards, but want to get into normal skateboarding. :)) -Jack

Lush Spacebyrds Review

5 5 1
Just picked up my 2nd Spacebyrd (day). I love this board. Being 6ft 1" tall I found most boards just a little too short for me, for years I was on the lookout for a longer pool/park board, then I found the Spacebyrd Day. For me it's perfect. Cookie

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