Grifter 3D

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35.5" / 90.2cm
9.9" / 25.1cm
Multiple 23.47" / 59.6cm - 26.95" / 68.45cm
1.92"/ 4.9cm - 3.54"/ 9cm
Cold Pressed 9ply Canadian Maple w/ Epoxy Glue
0.7" Symmetrical Rocker with Wheel Arches
Stiff for more control
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street

A logical evolution of the super-popular Grifter shape, the Grifter 3D adds some subtle tweaks for a super-tight shorter wheelbase freeride setup.

Using a 3D Rocker, and a ton of team feedback, we have created pockets nose and tail of this deck to further lock your feet for those giant standies. The deeper concave and rocker, together with our standard 9ply Canadian Maple, ensured minimal flex and twist for control and feedback. We've made the standing platform a little wider - it's 9.9" now instead of the older 9.75" - so you have less need to "monkey toe" and the concave holds your feet a little more.

Thanks to the 3D rocker profile, we don't need to CNC wheel wells in anymore to avoid wheelbite, which leaves the deck stronger. The deck has a good degree of wheelbase adjustment from a speed-ready 26.15" down to a super-spinny 23.47," so you can perfectly balance your setup between an all-out race deck and a new-school slide machine.

We've been shaping bricks for a few years now... built with all our collective skate knowledge, the Grifter 3D is perfect for laying some 'thane on your local hill.

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