Shipping & Warranty

Lush Manufacturers Warranty

We guarantee all our decks against manufacturers defects for 30 days after Purchase. If your deck suffers from  a snap, delamination or warping and you think it’s our fault, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

We will ask you to send photos, and we will ask you to send your board back to us at your cost for inspection before we can replace any item. We do this so that we can see exactly how, where and why the board has snapped, delaminated or warped. Often we can use our findings to improve things.

Please note that we cannot cover impact damage, wear and tear, intentional breakage, boards left in the rain or next to a heater, boards snapped because of hard landings etc.

Shipping and online shop

Unfortunately we only ship orders to the UK for now! You can of course get all our boards in Your Favourite Skate Shop, worldwide.

We do our best to get your order out to you the day it is placed, and ship using the fastest couriers in the business. All UK orders get Free Shipping. :)

We accept most Credit /Debit cards as payment. You can place orders online or over the phone.