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Tags: chris vanstone

Vandem Freeride 2013

Lush Longboards


This event WENT OFF!!!!!!!

Vandem Freeride 2013 Safety Meeting

Vandem Freeride

Hugo Besset

Rob Borek

Just over 140 skaters came down for the weekend, we had two days of perfect weather, and the uplift system allowed some skaters to clock over 50 runs on the 1.3 mile track between both days. We had a huge party on Saturday night, with local metal band Cry Havoc coming on just before midnight, we’re pretty sure that everyone had a good time!!!

Chris Vanstone

Organiser Chris Vanstone was on hand with a bag full of supplies for our lovely Marshals…!

A huge thanks to everyone who came and skated, and everyone who helped us throw the biggest downhill skateboard event the UK has yet seen!

Post your own photos, videos and wotnot on the facebook event page here.

Big ups to Tim Bartram-Vowles for hanging out in the bushes all day with his camera, and New Fruit for filming… edit soon!!

Q&A – Chris Vanstone

Lush Longboards


Just dropped Vanny off at Bristol airport – he’s on his way to race at the Kozakov Challenge. On the way we managed to extract a quickfire Q+A with the ginger ninja from deepest darkest Devonshire…

>What’s the best sandwhich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Devonshire village bacon sarnie, Local bacon, local bread, bangin’.

>What’s the best ginger/blonde put down you’ve ever received?

Ginger pussy f*cker, to which I just smiled and said “Thank you very much.”

>Gin mixer of choice?

More Gin.

>What Boards do you skate?

Vandella, Globe Slide, Spooky Evo circe 2001, Vandella 2 prototype.

>What’s the sketchiest takeout you’ve ever ordered?

Lamb Balls, Mongolia

>Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had road rash?

Right Nipple, skating in vests has consequences kids.

>What did you do last Saturday night?

Went to a rave in a field with Jesse.

>A guilty pleasure of yours is:

Bump drafting slow people until they start screaming.

>Describe your life to date in one word:


>An excuse you often use is:

Sorry, my alarm didn’t go off.

Rainbow Road

Lush Longboards


Another quick edit from our trip to Spain a couple of months back… Jesse Tighe and Chris Vanstone skating “Rainbow Road.”

This hill was too good… super varied with fast bits, tight bits, twisty bits, dangerous bits, with hardly any cars on… we camped up here for two days out of our week. Stoked…