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Tags: DLX race gloves

Deluxe Race Gloves are here

Lush Longboards


Finally… just in time for Christmas!

We usually make small changes to our gloves each time we do a run, and this time we thought we’d step the game up a few notches on the already awesome Race Gloves to produce this – the imaginatively-titled Deluxe Race Gloves.

Changes are:

  • Thicker, removable 15mm Palm puck, machined from Delrin.
  • Kevlar finger and thumb patches. You really don’t need finger pucks any more, Kevlar is extremely abreasion resistant.
  • Silica/amara wrist protection. We found this to be a weak point in the original Race Glove, so we’ve beefed it up.

These gloves are tried and trusted by some of the fastest racers in the World, among them:

Dominik Kowalski – Professional Stuntman

Sebastien Hertler – here’s a video of him not putting his hands down…

Rebekka Gemperle (who just won two races in a row in two weekends! congrats!)

Stephan Risch – organiser of so many legendary races, he’s still got speed as you can see…

Pete Connolly – British #1 and all-round downhill hero…

Ramon Konigshausen – superfast Swiss Slalom and Downhill skater,  one of the people behind Greener Pastures…

Yvon Labarthe – here’s his cracking video of the Verdicchio Race this summer, if you haven’t seen this already, watch it now…

These gloves are not cheap… but they are the most durable and comfortable all-round race glove we’ve ever made, and considering how long we’ve been making gloves for, that’s quite a claim!

Available online here or from all these skateshops…