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Tags: fabian laute

Fabian Laute is a caterpillar.

Lush Longboards


Fabian is warming up for this year’s race season… here’s a quickfire Q&A with the man behind the ever-popular Steezestoker.

Favourite Lush boards?
Steezestoker and Spacebyrd Day

Current set up?
Steezestoker, 46° Gunmetal Mactens, Classic/Traction Beam/Gamma Rays, Sunrise bearings, Riptide Bushings,
Spacebyrd Day, Tracker Axis, Bones Hardcore Bushings, Bones Spf/Cultisms

Chosen terrain?
All of ’em.

Best sk8 events?
Josh’S Outlaw Race (California)
St Ouen (France)
Insul Cup (Germany)
Hawaiian Outlaw Series #1 (Hawaii)?

Worst injuries?
Besides a broken rib probably none, I skate safe!

Plans for the future?
Enjoy life and keep skating.

Ideal day consists of….
A good session, good weather, nice safety gear and hanging out listening to some nice tunes.

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
A caterpillar.

Thanks to Felix Buchholz for the photos!

Fabian Laute – Chilling at home on the Machine

Lush Longboards


Lush team rider Fabian got home from his summer travels and shot this tasty little edit. This is him just chilling at one of his favourite home spots on his Machine.

The Machine is a firm favourite with the team right now.

Lush Machine

Big thanks to Stefan Kolpatzi for filming and editing.