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Q&A – Gabor Csutar

Lush Longboards


Name: Gábor Csutár

Hometown: Budapest

Living now: Budapest!

Years of sk8ing:
From age Five… then intensive street skating from 12-16 (4 years), then longboarding for 1 year so far

Current set up?
Wizard, GC-45 Sabre Trucks, Cult Isms

Favourite Lush boards?
The Legend and the Wizard, yet (looking forward for the Freeryder, has to be a
new favourite)

Chosen terrain?
Pretty much all around, Dh, freeride and street, the hybrid style

Best sk8 events? Vandem Freeride ;D

Worst injuries? Double fractured fibula in my ankle




Plans for the future?
Ride and practice more, conquer all my fears, make videos, travel as much as possible, begin racing, visiting freerides, graduate, being a real inspiration in my country and help building the longboard community here, keep learning about myself, change and resolve as many things as possible that holds me back from enjoying myself and being conscious about everything happening around me, practising and improving in Tibetan healing, earn money for a duty that I love to do and helps the people, have an independent life.

Ideal day consists of….
Nutritious and healthy mealtimes, get all my tasks done that I know I have to do, considering everything like it was the last time that im doing it, loving everyone, getting high on friends, practising compassion and meditation, breaking ego, skateboarding a lot, having sex with a loved one, yeah, that would be pretty much ideal 😀

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
A shining Golden Dragon, with the strength of the gods, with the wisdom of the ancients and with the
ease of a feather.


Eider Walls

Lush Longboards


A cool rider profile/lifestyle video from Eider Walls of Spain, definitely worth a watch if you have a spare 5 minutes 15 seconds. Downhill, dancing, freeride… it’s all in here! See if you can spot the Symbian, Shocker and Legend

A Legend in Budapest

Lush Longboards


We’re proud to welcome Gabor Csutar to the Lush Team!

Q&A by Zsófi Juhász and Nathan Settle.

Q: You were part of the street skate scene for many years, how did you get into longboarding?

A: I was obsessed with my street skating experience, so I denied longboarding as much as possible, for years… Even when I stopped skateboarding I carried this resistance within me, so when a year ago my friend told me about longboarding and how exhilarating it is, i was totally against him. He mentioned It feels like surfing on concrete! even though Ive never stood on a surf before, I had to admit that must be a good feeling. Then I visited Barcelona…

Péter Susán photo

Q: What was so inspiring for you in Barcelona that you fell in love with longboarding?

A: I don’t know, after my friend told me about longboarding, I started to think about it… I started to open myself up to the idea.When I arrived to Barcelona… I was ready!Then it happened, a guy accidentally failed a trick near to me, and by that time I was craving to stand on longboard, and the dudes deck came up to me, so I could touch it with my foot just to stop it… That was all, but it was much more.I do not believe in coincidences.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try longboarding for the first time?

A: I think professional equipment or the quality is really important to have the chance for a nice progression. I didn’t know that, I tried it first with a cheapest longboard… But that can be better if you’re changing your mind often and not so sure about what you want to do.The next thing I think is the persistence! you should be humble to yourself, to your skills, to your safety and your progression. No one is born as a professional longboard rider, you should let yourself have the chance for a slow and sure progression. Time and persistence will have a result! But the most important thing is to enjoy what you do!

Péter Susán photo

Q: If you could select any place to longboard, what would you select?

A: So Id love to ride the hills of Hawaii and Australia. Australia’s got a quite strong attraction for me, however Ive never been there before.But Id really-really love to ride in Tibet, when the circumstances were better…

Q: What is your go to board at the moment?

A: I’ve started with skating the Legend and I enjoyed it a lot, and now I’m trying out the Wizard and the Sequel, they’re both very promising, I love them!

Q: I can imagine you were a boisterous child. Was there an occasion when you made your parents really scared?

A: At an excursion arranged by my dads office there was a 5 meter high bonfire and i was walking around it like a hyper little kid. I couldn’t handle my energy and out of excitement i jumped onto a burning piece of wood…a rusty nail pierced straight through my foot. That must have been scary for them.

Q: Your worst pick up line?

A: I walked up to a girl in a party and we started chatting, i asked how old she was, she said 22 i replied that was the exact age my mother gave birth to me. There was an awkward silence and i was so wasted i drop my beer.

Q: What was the weirdest thing you did in a party?

A: I didn’t party hard enough. But I took a hot shower together with 5 dudes, after the cold swimming pool, not sober enough… Then I slammed myself on the wet floor… 5 times. There was a dog present with no ears and half a tail.

Q: Wrap up your life up to this moment in one sentence?

A: I have a wonderful sense to pick the worst girls. But i keep hoping.

Ádám Juhász

More from Gabor soon!