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Tags: rob borek

The Plantation

Lush Longboards


While out on his bike recently Rob found out this sexy little witch had been resurfaced. He was frothing to be the first person to hit it .  So he called Jooz to let him know he would have the honor of providing him with uplifts and follow cam.

Rob weapon of choice for this mission was a Sequel with Sabre Forged Precision 190’s rolling on Cult Traction beams.

UK Dawn Speed

Lush Longboards


Pete and Rob hooked up with a few friends this weekend for a dawn speed mission…

Sweet edit and filming from Fibretec’s Luca Coleman… 60mph with a DSLR in hand…!!

…and Sam Holding put together this cut from Newton’s Shred GoPro footage.

Both Rob and Pete rocking the Sequel… used here as we intended!

Q&A – Rob Borek

Lush Longboards


Rob Borek

1) Favourite Lush boards?
Sequel, Throttle

2) Current set up?
For riding fast: Sequel with Sabre CF38’s, special Devon made no rake hangers, and Cult Traction Beams. For riding not quite as fast: Throttle, CF38 180mm, Cult Cerebrum

3) Chosen terrain?
The longest, steepest, fastest roads i can find!

4) Best skate events?
For the hill, Kozakov. For the sheer about of sunshine skateboarding and fun times, KNK.

5) Worst injuries?
Broken collarbone in 2008, trying to keep up with Tighe!

6) Plans for the future?
Keep going fast on skateboards, get to Europe more often, beat Pete C down a hill! haha!

7) Ideal day consists of?
Wake up stupidly early on top of of an epic road with tunnels and fast sweepers, with a tight crew of good mates. I eat a Jamaica ginger cake and we skate said road in a tight pack until all of our legs feel like jelly. Then we head to the nearest cafe for a big fat coffee and a fry up. The cafe are out of mushrooms, so nobody has any. We spend the rest of the day chilling out on a mellow road drinking beers and feeling good about the morning!

The Borek in his natural habitat… hungover on the floor in the forest on the other side of Europe. At least he has a roll matt…

8)Your inner skate animal is?
This little fella, he walks up and rolls down!