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Hide and Seek Raw

Lush Longboards


After hearing about a 4.4km run featuring 3 villages, 3 hairpins, oily corners, cracked pavements, and a healthy gradient  to boot not too far from his Lisbon home, Jorge Pernes decided to grab his Steezestoker and give it a razz. He managed to grab this footage while he was at it.

Pernes Mystic Forest run.



Pernes took advantage of the recent nice weather and took his Steezestoker out  for a good thrashing at one of his favorite local spots.

Spring is certainly here so time to get out there and shred.

Unleash the fury



Pernes is loving his Steezestoker right now . It’s easy to see why when you watch this raw he just sent us from Serra da Ossa.

Big thanks to Pedro Roque for  the driving.


Leaf Style

Lush Longboards


Ian Freire sending his Steezestoker down some super fun Brazillian tarmac…. just as English Winter bites, this should keep the stoke flowing…!

Monkeys in the Forest.



Latest edition to the Lush team Barney Lascola just took delivery of his Steezestoker. He was so amped he went out to play in the Forest of Monkeys.

Expect to see plenty more from this Floridian ripper soon.

Big thanks to Cole Alcock for filming and editing.

Welcome to the team – Ian Freire

Lush Longboards


Ian rules… steep, fast, stylish. Here’s a quick Q&A… Welcome to the team Ian!!

Favourite Lush boards?
Steezestoker and The Pig!

Current set up?
Lush Steezestoker, Aera Trucks, Cult Wheels

Chosen terrain?
Hill’s with big corners and amazing landscapes!!!

Worst injuries?
Broken arm…

Plans for the future?
Finish school and keep longboarding!!!!

Ideal day consists of….
Barbecue at local hill with homies and skate all day!

Years of skate?
Almost 2 years…

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
I guess its a bird…i feel like i´m flying sometimes…