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Tags: video

Josh’s Lanzarote trip

Lush Longboards


Our buddy and Lush teamrider Josh Monk went on a trip to Lanzarote with his Chopper 3D for a bit of freeriding recently… words by Josh, Photos by Pablo Paxi.

I’m a regular to Lanzarote; it’s landscape, coast, art, culture, people, food, hidden treasures and of course skate spots make me return again and again. It has gained a slightly negative reputation as a ‘Brits aboard’ tourist destination, but this is only because of some concentrated all inclusive hotels and resorts that are in a few pockets along the coast. It’s very easy and cheap to rent a car and get away from this to see the real island, which is fantastic.


You don’t get to skate a storm drain on the side of a volcano every day…

I skated my first proper hill in Lanzarote about 6 years ago with my first Longboard set up and was hooked. Many of the roads have super smooth tarmac which contrast nicely with the jagged volcanic rock/solidified lava which make up a lot of the island. Try not to crash into it though, as its not like hitting a grass verge!

Josh skates a Chopper 3D for pretty much everything.. it's a true all-terrain vehicle!

Josh skates a Chopper 3D for pretty much everything.. it’s a true all-terrain vehicle!

Although not as geared up and we’ll known for downhill as its fellow Canary island Tenerife, there is still a great variety of spots to skate, as my local guide, friend and co-founder of ‘Longboard Famara‘ Pablo Paxi showed me…. From a mountain/volcano switchback descent, to a steep winding road below a castle that is completely closed to traffic after hours, to a fun, long run through a lava field down towards the coast. The icing on the cake being a massive redundant storm drain on the side of a volcano, which was used to collect drinking water in the winter. It is steep, long and wide, and follows the undulating contours of the volcano, it’s a great feeling, a totally new way of skating…somewhere between a snowboard piste, bowl and a concrete wave. It is also one of the highest points on the island with panoramic views.


If cruising, dancing, freestyle or even street skating are more your thing then there are plenty of beautiful spots for that too…and the constant sunshine and warm weather mean you won’t be disappointed, along with the fact that a lot of the time it feels like you are skating on the surface of Mars!

LoRaLo 2016 raw run with Martin VerySchräg

Lush Longboards


Lush team rider Martin has been out and about a lot this summer attending a lot of events and have a lot of fun with his Lush Longboard. Our friends at Big Mountain Skate always put on rad downhill skateboarding events and LoRaLo is just one of them.

Here’s a raw run featuring Martin on the LoRaLo track as filmed by our good buddy and luging legend Alex “Tikialex” Frischauf so you can get a taste of the action.

Jorge Pernes finding shade

Lush Longboards


It’s been pretty hot out in Portugal recently so with that in mind Pernes felt the need to go find himself a little cover. Knowing exactly the spot to hit he grabbed his Lush Longboard  and set off for one of his favorite local spots.

Pete Connolly goes to Majorca with Dunlop

Lush Longboards


Lush team rider and UKDH Legend Pete Connolly recently got an invite from Dunlop Tyres to fly out to Majorca and chase Champion BTCC driver Jason Plato down a legendary road. This was to  celebrate the launch of their new Sport Maxx RT2 tyre. Lets just say these boys had a lot of fun and scored some awesome footage to boot.

Jooz and the Machine 3D at the Sliders Skate House.

Lush Longboards


Jooz and his Machine 3D have just moved out to stay with the dudes at Sliders Skate House in Tenerife for the Spring. Tenrife is a longboarding paradise – epic roads for days covered in infamous wheel-eating asphalt. He’s just sent us this epic edit, filmed by Martin at the house with a drone and follow car.

If you want to skip some crappy winter weather with a nice little skate holiday, the Sliders Skate House is set up ready for you – check them out!

Jooz ,Machine 3D and Salsito House.

Lush Longboards


If you’ve been following us recently you might have seen Lush TeamriderJooz out and about on a mysterious new Lush deck shape. Recently he took it to the Salsisto house in sunny Spain – and judging by this footage he came back with, the prototyping is finished!

Props go to Pablo Quiles of #Gnarlicante for this edit.

More info on this rad new deck soon!!


Lush Longboards


Lush teamrider Martin VerySchräg was at the Bela Joyride recently taking care of business…

Thanks to our friend Tiki Alex for the luge filming!

Bipo test drives the Grifter 3D

Lush Longboards


Here is a sweet edit shot by Spanish team rider Bipo on his Grifter 3D. You can see clearly on this edit how much he loves this deck and just why he thinks it’s his perfect weapon of choice.

Bipo recently was injured at the IDFSalzadella race where he broke his wrist in a couple of places.  We wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery. Heal fast and heal strong brother.

Closed road joy

Lush Longboards


Pernes is always hunting for new and fun places to play on his Burner. His latest find is 14% and traffic free closed road it’s going to get skated a lot this summer….