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Lush Longboards – Cutting Wood Since ’99.

We use 100% Canadian Maple for all of our decks, some higher-end decks feature more advanced materials too. Maple is shipped as a raw log and cut into veneers at the woodshop to ensure consistent humidity.

We use Latex and Epoxy glues, depending on the construction needs.

All our decks are individually pressed in Hydraulic presses. We don’t hot press (which is faster to produce but more prone to warping), and we don’t stack multiple boards in a press (which leads to inconsistent concaves and profiles throughout a run of boards).

Epoxy glues are used in decks with X-Flex and 4X Composite constructions. Each veneer is soaked through with a waterproof epoxy, allowing use of composite layers in with the maple. The Epoxy also adds strength to the natural fibres in the wood grain, essentially turning the whole deck into a multi-layer composite layup. We do sometimes used Epoxy without the glass layers too, to take advantage of the better flex and impact resistance properties this glue gives us.Boards are cut and finished with a mixture of CNC routers and good old hand sanding.

We use heat transfers to keep the graphic fresh and multiple layers of laquer to keep the weather out.

Built to last…