A Legend in Budapest


We’re proud to welcome Gabor Csutar to the Lush Team!

Q&A by Zsófi Juhász and Nathan Settle.

Q: You were part of the street skate scene for many years, how did you get into longboarding?

A: I was obsessed with my street skating experience, so I denied longboarding as much as possible, for years… Even when I stopped skateboarding I carried this resistance within me, so when a year ago my friend told me about longboarding and how exhilarating it is, i was totally against him. He mentioned It feels like surfing on concrete! even though Ive never stood on a surf before, I had to admit that must be a good feeling. Then I visited Barcelona…

Péter Susán photo

Q: What was so inspiring for you in Barcelona that you fell in love with longboarding?

A: I don’t know, after my friend told me about longboarding, I started to think about it… I started to open myself up to the idea.When I arrived to Barcelona… I was ready!Then it happened, a guy accidentally failed a trick near to me, and by that time I was craving to stand on longboard, and the dudes deck came up to me, so I could touch it with my foot just to stop it… That was all, but it was much more.I do not believe in coincidences.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try longboarding for the first time?

A: I think professional equipment or the quality is really important to have the chance for a nice progression. I didn’t know that, I tried it first with a cheapest longboard… But that can be better if you’re changing your mind often and not so sure about what you want to do.The next thing I think is the persistence! you should be humble to yourself, to your skills, to your safety and your progression. No one is born as a professional longboard rider, you should let yourself have the chance for a slow and sure progression. Time and persistence will have a result! But the most important thing is to enjoy what you do!

Péter Susán photo

Q: If you could select any place to longboard, what would you select?

A: So Id love to ride the hills of Hawaii and Australia. Australia’s got a quite strong attraction for me, however Ive never been there before.But Id really-really love to ride in Tibet, when the circumstances were better…

Q: What is your go to board at the moment?

A: I’ve started with skating the Legend and I enjoyed it a lot, and now I’m trying out the Wizard and the Sequel, they’re both very promising, I love them!

Q: I can imagine you were a boisterous child. Was there an occasion when you made your parents really scared?

A: At an excursion arranged by my dads office there was a 5 meter high bonfire and i was walking around it like a hyper little kid. I couldn’t handle my energy and out of excitement i jumped onto a burning piece of wood…a rusty nail pierced straight through my foot. That must have been scary for them.

Q: Your worst pick up line?

A: I walked up to a girl in a party and we started chatting, i asked how old she was, she said 22 i replied that was the exact age my mother gave birth to me. There was an awkward silence and i was so wasted i drop my beer.

Q: What was the weirdest thing you did in a party?

A: I didn’t party hard enough. But I took a hot shower together with 5 dudes, after the cold swimming pool, not sober enough… Then I slammed myself on the wet floor… 5 times. There was a dog present with no ears and half a tail.

Q: Wrap up your life up to this moment in one sentence?

A: I have a wonderful sense to pick the worst girls. But i keep hoping.

Ádám Juhász

More from Gabor soon!