Back from the Fracture


Earlier this year, Luigi (our Brazilian teamrider) messed up a line on an open road and broke his tibia in six places. This video is his first speedrun for over eight months! Here is his story… Welcome back bro!!

“One day my friend Rafael Fazano called me in a midweek holiday in the early (work day) inviting me for bomb a hill near my home with another friend of ours . Getting there, I decided to go alone while they dressed the leather, I had aligned my skateboard and I was wondering how he was. Right at the end of the drop , near where we had parked the car, I did a mistake in a bump and I fell about 43 miles per hour, I dint get hurt or anything, even isn’t scared me, normal crash. I sat for a bit and waited they get ready .

“In the second drop , we caught a “tail” and all we went up to go down together. I dropped much more quickly this time , and in the last curve I went without brake anything, (usually I do a strong footbrake). I missed the curve line and I started to slide to try to reduce the impact, then I hit the “street tab” at 37 miles per hour with my right foot and I land on the grass.”

“When my friends came to my rescue , our first idea was to take out my suit before the paramedics arrive, because they probably would cut my brand brand new leather suit. Without much effort we take out the suit and I waited one of them bring the car . When I was entering in the car , I lifted my right leg with my hand, and I found I had a knee in the middle of my shank, looked like a hinge.”

“We went to the hospital and I found out I had fractured my tibia in 6 places , and luckily did not occur osseous deviation so surgery was not necessary. Because of that, I had to stay in a cast for three months, taking radiographs every 15 days to see the bone (the parts of they). At first it was horrible because I could not even turn around to not bend the bone , but after a month, I returned to accompany my friends even with no medical approval in weekends , and photography and beer was basically my routine for another four months .”

“I thank all my friends who helped and stayed with me and my national beer brand , because without it I’d be crazy right now!”