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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D

About this product

  • Length38.75" / 98.4cm
  • Width9.85" / 25cm
  • Wheelbase23.33"/59.2cm - 24.08"/61.17cm
  • Tail5.68"/14.4cm - 6.08"/15.4cm
  • Construction8 ply Canadian Maple
  • ProfileDouble Kick with 3D Rocker
  • FlexStiff
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street

The bigger of the two Chopper shapes, the Chopper 3D is an all-terrain shred machine, designed to rip hills, bowls, street – anything in it’s path!

Pressed in our custom 3D Rocker mold, the Chopper 3D features an 8ply layup to keep it stiff and strong. This gives it deep wheel wells to reduce bite, and creates a “pocket” for your feet, right where you need it.

The shape and concave on this board comes from years of skating and many months of tweaking. It’s subtle, but enough. It’ll take a big more speed than it’s smaller brother, if you’re looking for a deck for some radical freeride, this is the one to go for.

Cold Pressed from 100% Hardrock Canadian maple, know you are getting a board to last.

As close to a quiver killer as you will find anywhere… get one and get shredding today!

Lush Longboards Chopper 3D Reviews

Chopper 3D ★★★★☆ 4 ( 1 reviews)
5 1

Lush Chopper 3D Review

4 5 1
Great deck with super awesome 3D concave, absolutely love it, you feel so locked in doing slide, takes a few sessions to get used to it but once you do you'll love it for freeride skating. Its feel really solid not going to bend and/or wobble at all at speed or jumping on and off it. Both front and back kicktails are great giving you more board and more options for your tricks. The wheel flares are a great design no wheel-bite at all may sound odd but makes it visually sexy to look at and they can be used so much it keeping you feet locked in for slides and such-like, but the only problem with such flare is they get easily damaged if you do street/tricks and the board ends up flipping over (grip side down) which happens from time to time, although if you're not worried about getting big-ish dent marks on the wheel flare then carry on, but personally for street I'd avoid unless I new I was definitely going to land the trick. Tucking onit is bit odd to at first feels really weird because of the 3D concave but this is something you easily move your feet around and get used to very quickly. Overall absolutely gnarly board for freeride. Super sexy, simple but effective shape, awesome design just not as great for street as I'd have liked only due to the damage it will take.

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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D FAQ's

  • Question: Just looked at the Chopper and it looks cool, however when checking Vandem Longboards site says weight limit 16st. So thought I'd check to confirm as I am 19st.

    - The max weights are just a guideline. Like any skateboard they can snap especially if tricks are not landed "bolts" . There are no guarantees in life dude but we are sure the Chopper will serve you well. Failing that if you want something double kicked, long and hench consider the Chopper 3D as it's 9ply rather than 7ply.

  • Question: Which one is best for sliding?

    - If regular sliding and freeriding is your thing, we'd point you at the Chopper 3D, with it's longer wheelbase and 3D concave. The Chopper will slide of course, and if you're chasing multiple 360's on hard wheels ("tech sliding") then the shorter Chopper is probably your best bet.

  • Question: Can I skate the Chopper 3D in a bowl?

    - Yes, although the shorter Chopper would be a better dedicated bowl/transition setup.

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