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Lush Longboards Grifter 3D

About this product

  • Length35.5" / 90.2cm
  • Width9.9" / 25.1cm
  • WheelbaseMultiple 23.47" / 59.6cm - 26.95" / 68.45cm
  • Tail1.92"/ 4.9cm - 3.54"/ 9cm
  • ConstructionCold Pressed 9ply Canadian Maple
  • Profile0.7" Symmetrical Rocker with Wheel Arches
  • FlexStiff for more control
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street

A logical evolution of the super-popular Grifter shape, the Grifter 3D adds some subtle tweaks for a super-tight shorter wheelbase freeride setup.

Using a 3D Rocker, and a ton of team feedback, we have created pockets nose and tail of this deck to further lock your feet for those giant standies. The deeper concave and rocker, together with our standard 9ply Canadian Maple, ensured minimal flex and twist for control and feedback. We’ve made the standing platform a little wider – it’s 9.9” now instead of the older 9.75” – so you have less need to “monkey toe” and the concave holds your feet a little more.

Thanks to the 3D rocker profile, we don’t need to CNC wheel wells in anymore to avoid wheelbite, which leaves the deck stronger. The deck has a good degree of wheelbase adjustment from a speed-ready 26.15” down to a super-spinny 23.47,” so you can perfectly balance your setup between an all-out race deck and a new-school slide machine.

We’ve been shaping bricks for a few years now… built with all our collective skate knowledge, the Grifter 3D is perfect for laying some ‘thane on your local hill.

Lush Longboards Grifter 3D Reviews

Grifter 3D ★★★★★ 5 ( 6 reviews)
5 1

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
What's there to argue about? I recently required a board that fit my style and (large sized) feet. When I stood on this deck I was not only amazed at our it seem to conform to my stance but the sheer thought and design that went into it. The 3D rised edge create boundaries and pressure points to use that potential energy that you normally waste drifting th board away by transfering it into the tightest, most responsive control yet. I went out for a skate on this and it's brought a whole new dynamic to my riding, my style, my confidence and love for the sport. An absolute must buy.

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
Ultimate sliding board with elite set up completely locks your feet in. Much an improvement from my old Symbian for speed and ease of sliding

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
Everybody likes riding something with curves and this board is fit! I've had it for a year now and it still feels as solid as the day I first stepped on it. The stiffness has helped me get into downhill while the 3D aspects of it have helped create nice pockets and reference points for my feet which has helped massively in my free ride game. I've recently been looking for a new board for the collection, but it's hard to find something that is going to better this.

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
Absolute tank of a board, brilliant for sliding, the elite setup is worth every penny and that coarse grip tape really locks you in. Oh, and the pattern's dope as hell too.

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
Well I was looking for a replacement for my old sector 9 dh board and i came across this. It has everything i want and need, stiff, amazing concave and i feel really stable on it 30+mph. Although i personally favour this deck for my downhill, it has also greatly improved my slides as it is extremely easy to control round bends.

Lush Grifter 3D Review

5 5 1
When I first got it I was a little worried that the concave might be too much and be uncomfortable on super long runs, but no, the pockets for your feet lock you in solid, the 9 plies makes this board rock hard stiff without the need for gimmicks like fibreglass or other environmentally nasty ingredients. I have had this up to about 50 mph and it handles like a dream. The lads at Lush are going to struggle to better this, and I have personally threatened them with violence if they try to change it. No nonsense construction and outstanding performance at a very reasonable price. For fast freeriding and awesome slide control there isn't a better deck on the market in my opinion, and I have been riding longboards for over 12 years now. I actually bought another skateboard, drawn in by the marketing (what a mong) , I've since sold it on ebay cause it wasn't a patch on this badboy. Far and away the best deck for freeride and downhill I've ever ridden.

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