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Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff

About this product

  • Length38.5” /97.7cm
  • Width10” 25 / 4cm
  • Wheelbase25.3” / 64cm - 24.54” / 62cm
  • Tail6.45” / 164mm - 6.82” / 173mm
  • Construction7ply 100% Canadian Maple with X-Tuff Composite
  • Profile3d Rocker with a kicktail
  • FlexStiff
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

Our most popular freeride/slide/DH deck is back! Following feedback from various team riders, we decided that the original needed even more stiffness and toughness, so we’re now pressing this awesome deck using our X-Tuff construction.

Super-Tough Construction

A composite of Canadian hardrock maple and diagonally opposed bi-axial fibreglass, X-Tuff allows us to make the deck one ply thinner whilst adding stiffness and strength.

All laminates are soaked in epoxy prior to pressing, making the deck unbelievably strong and tough.

Diagonal fibreglass weave keeps torsional twist to a minimum – perfect for holding out those slides a little longer.

Thanks to this glass, maple and epoxy combo, the deck holds it’s pop for far longer than before, making those high-speed ollies and flips more attainable than ever.

Team Designed Shape

The team were super stoked with the shape and dimensions from the previous version, so we decided to leave it the same as previous versions.

A simple, no frills bomber shape with “the best kicktail in the longboard business,” pressed into our 3D rocker concave creates some deep pockets for your feet and a whole load of grip to stop you sliding off mid-slide. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

You can check out more of the development of this board in this blog post.

Choose your setup!

You can pick your Machine 3D to suit your budget. The “Elite” setup is pretty much exactly what Jooz skates – Cult Emperors and Sabre Forged Precision Freeride Trucks.

Whatever your choose, you’ll be rolling on Cult Wheels and turning on Sabre Trucks – there’s not much point in making a deck this good an then putting a sub-par setup on it!

The Ultimate All-Terrain Skateboard

Air a ramp, ollie some stairs, dodge some traffic and bomb a hill all in one day – this board will take pretty much any kind of skateboarding you want and come out the other side hungry for more.

Decks like this are what results from years of rider input combined with solid materials and proven manufacturing techniques. The Machine 3D X-Tuff is even more awesome than before – get on it!

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Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff Features...

  • Custom setups available

    We offer a choice of trucks, wheels and bearings on several of our boards. This allows you to customise your ride to suit your budget and style.

    Each undercarriage choice has been carefully chosen to suit each deck, right down to the bushings. So it’s easier for you to order a custom board, without needing to worry about things like wheelbite and ride height. Click here to learn more!

  • 3D Rocker Profile


    Our 3D Rocker profile bends Maple as far as possible to create foot locking concave and ultimate board feel.

    Rocker by itself brings your knees together as you skate, adding board feel and helping you centre your weight. We’ve added 3D wheel flares to prevent wheelbite and give your feet reference points and extra leverage – you’ll really notice the benefits on freeride and slide setups. Click here for more info!

  • Moulded Arches


    Our newer longboard decks feature moulded wheel arches. Pressed in with the concave, this allows us to create really deep wheel wells without sacrificing any strength and keeping a cleaner look. Avoiding wheelbite has never been easier! Click here for more info.

  • X Tuff Composite

    We want our top-end downhill, freeride and race decks to be as stiff and tough as possible. Stiffer boards track corners better and slide smoother, and we’ve seen what can happen to a deck when it’s been thrown into an armco barrier at 50mph…!

    To achieve these characteristics we use our X-Tuff construction – a composite layup of Maple and bi-axial fibreglass, cunningly offest to create maximum torsional stiffness and a minimal, damped lengthways flex to absorb road vibration. Our X-Tuff Construction is also legendary for its toughness… we’ve seen these boards take punishment like nothing else on the market. Click here for more info!

  • 7 Ply Maple


    Denotes 7 plies of Canadian Maple – generally pretty flexy on most longboard wheelbases.

    7 plies of Canadian Maple has been the standard skateboard layup for decades. Used on a longboard with a longer wheelbase, it gives a nice mellow flex without adding too much weight to the deck. Maple is amazingly impact-resistant compared to cheaper woods, returns energy better and holds it’s flex for longer. If you’re using wood alone without any composite additions, you won’t find a better material to make longboards out of!

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Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff Reviews

Machine 3D X-Tuff ★★★★★ 5 ( 3 reviews)
5 1

Lush Machine 3D X-Tuff Review

5 5 1
I put this board together today as a faster freeride board. Rojas trucks and the green cult chronicle wheels. I'm blown away with how much I love this deck, the wheel flares are high enough to lock your feet in comfortably but not so high that they are uncomfortable for a long day riding. It's stiff, nimble, stable and controlled. I'm in love.

Lush Machine 3D X-Tuff Review

5 5 1
I actually purchased a Machine 3D to make an electric longboard! It's still a work in progress, but I've ridden the board itself for a number of weeks now and it feels completely amazing! After speaking with Andy @ Lush, I learnt that two-years worth of work went into the deck mold and you can feel it. Your feet are super comfortable carving or simply cruising. The board smelt amazing on arrival (nice varnish) and the machine pipes and wiring artwork on the bottom of the deck looks awesome too. Simply put, you need a Machine 3D in your life!

Lush Machine 3D X-Tuff Review

5 5 1
My experience with the Machine 3D X-Tuff. I've had the pleasure of using this board for a week and want to share with you why you should definitely pick one of these masterpieces up. Let me first just say that the team behind this board were spot on with how they dealt with me, helpful on the phone whenever I needed it and kept me informed of the process to develop this board. And you can tell when it shows up that it is a labour of love, everything from the beautiful artwork on the reverse, the small details on the trucks and plainly and simply, just how good this board looks. Everyone you see, even those who don't skate at all will tell you just how sick your deck looks - hey, I'm totally down for the ego trip! I highly recommend the experience! ;) The set up really is a machine, it rides better than anything I've hopped on before. the shape of the deck gives you a control that you instantly feel stepping on. This board is strong, it makes you feel commanding on any surface you take it to and the addition of x-tuff was an absolute triumph. It will cruise with ease and the bearings let you roll into an intimate love affair with your ankles and the ground below but this girl also unleashes her fury when you get up to speed, you become totally immersed into the experience as you become one with the board through every electrifying turn and dive through corners. Honestly, if you haven't made up your mind for your next set up, this board should be right at the top of the list to consider.

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Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff FAQ's

  • Question: Can I drop in (to a ramp) on the Machine 3D?

    - You can - but if transition skating is your thing, we strongly recommend that you sort yourself out with the right tool for the job. The smaller Chopper or either of the Spacebyrds from our lineup.

    With it's steep tail and stiff construction, the Machine 3D can be skated in a ramp or a bowl - but it's pretty long, and the 3d concave is a bit much for ramp skating.

  • Question: Will I get wheelbite with Orangatang Kegels?

    - Yes, unless you use a lot of riser or tighten your trucks up! The Orangatang Kegels are 80mm, which is pretty huge for a board like this.

    We recommend something around the 65-72mm mark for the Machine 3D. It's built for fast freeride and downhill, so a large-cored slidey wheel will fit the bill. If you just want to get rolling for as cheaply as possible, then something like Mindless Longboards Haraka 69mm Wheels or Arbor Vice Grillz 69mm will do the job - but we recommend spending a bit extra and getting a decent brand. Check out Cult Emperors, Cult Creators, Landyachtz Mini Zombie Hawgs, or ABEC11 Freerides for a smooth, controlled ride.

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