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Lush Longboards Swift

About this product

29.5″ / 75cm
9″ / 22.9cm
20.375″ / 51.7cm
2.75″ / 7cm
Vertically Laminated Hardwood
Flat with wheel wells
Stiff natural flex
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The Kisiwa’s little brother, this little wooden cruiser skateboard is the shortest board we make.

Hardwood Cruiser Skateboard

We call it a cruiser board – it’s actually closer to a “mini longboard” as opposed to most of the tiny plastic mini-cruisers you see on the streets these days.

Handbuilt by us in Bristol, UK, for nipping around town, cruising to work in style, or even slashing up some lines in your local old-school bowl.


Small but perfectly formed, the Swift’s surfboard-inspired shape makes for a much easier ride than most mini cruisers.

Hardwood Cruiser Skateboard

For starters –  it’s wide!! Way wide!! At a fraction over 9,” the Swift gives you a ton of space for your feet, belaying it’s pocket-sized length.

Another thing that’s awesome about this board is the wheelbase. Over 20″ long, it’s way bigger than most other mini cruisers, which gives a lot more stability and friendly ride.

Those enormous wheel wells (borrowed from the Kisiwa) allow us to mount huge wheels – up to 75mm – on very narrow trucks, without fear of wheelbite, and keeping a relatively low ride height.

Hardwood Cruiser Skateboard

This also creates a super smooth ride that steamrolls it’s way over anything, and still turns tight if you lean on the rail. There aren’t many cruiser boards out there that can take a 75mm wheel and be happy abut it…!

The Swift skates like a small longboard, in a mini-cruiser sized package… it’s a unique little ripper!

Handbuilt in Bristol

We handbuild these boards ourselves one at a time in Bristol.Handmade Cruiser Skateboard

Each deck is vertically laminated from hardwood stringers, creating a stiff, responsive and natural flex. We cut these a little thinner than the Kisiwa to compensate for the shorter wheelbase.

Handmade Cruiser Skateboard

You can check out more about how we build these decks in our workshop section.

Handmade Skateboard

Carve it up in style…

Each Swift is a very beautiful creation… but it’s made to be skated, not hung on the wall!

Hardwood Cruiser Skateboard

The Swift is the perfect tool for getting around town… short, light, nimble, stylish, and 100% handbuilt in the UK. Perfect for cruising, carving and bombing around the city streets or beachfront in style!

Hardwood Cruiser Skateboard


You can choose between a laminated or solid hardwood nose and tail block at checkout.


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Lush Longboards Swift Features...

  • Vertically Laminated

    Vertically laminated hardwoods provide the best natural flex feel we can create… and looks to die for! Click here for more info.

  • Handmade in Bristol

    Our longboards marked “Handmade in Bristol” are just that – handmade by us, right here in our Bristol workshop, in the UK.

    No giant CNC robots, no mass production, no faceless factory floor… just a love for skateboarding mixed with a lot of sweat, sawdust and elbow grease. Click here to see how…

  • Router Cut Wheel Wells


    We use a router to cut wheel wells in our longboard decks when we want to make a very long or very deep well. Material is removed after the blank is pressed and shaped, allowing us to make wider topmount shapes whilst avoiding wheelbite.

    We can also give a lot of wheelbase options with this technique, allowing you a lot of customisation options. Using a router to cut our wheel wells, we can make shapes that would otherwise be impossible, run our setups lower with looser trucks, and still keep wheelbite to a minimum. Click here for more info!

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