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Lush Longboards Symbian 3D

About this product

  • Length39.5 / 100.33cm
  • Width9.8 / 24.89cm
  • Wheelbase26.15", 66.4cm / 26.95, 68.45cm
  • Tail3.75"/9.525 - 4.15"/10.54cm
  • Construction9 ply Canadian Maple
  • Profile3d double Kick with Rocker
  • FlexMedium
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street

The lowest board in our lineup, the Symbian 3D is the third version of our original drop-through freestyle/freeride/cruiser setup. Pressed from 9ply Canadian Maple in our 3D rocker mold, it features a stiffer flex, deep rocker and concave and our unique adjustable drop-through mounting. A symetrical shape with a small nose and tail makes it ideally suited to all kinds of longboarding.

The 3D concave makes the standing platform comfortable and full of reference points for your feet, and several years of working with this shape has allowed us to keep the deck stong enough to take your flatland abuse, but light enough to chuck around. Big cutouts will let you put larger wheels on with no worries.

Highly recommended as commuter, pusher, a freestyle/dance setup, or even a downhill/slide board. The Symbian 3D really does do it all!

Lush Longboards Symbian 3D Reviews

Symbian 3D ★★★★★ 4.8 ( 5 reviews)
5 1

Lush Symbian 3D Review

4 5 1
I love this board! I am learning how to slide with this and it gives a lot of control due to it's 3D shape and stiffness. Highly recommended.

Lush Symbian 3D Review

5 5 1
I really like drop through's, gone are the days of wheel bite and it’s great to be close to the ground for stability. The Symbian 3D has the best of both worlds, being a drop through it is nice and stable (with no risk of wheel bite) but it also has the particularly useful features of the kicktails which make it great when it comes to a tight corner, especially when commuting where the kicktails can quickly save you from an unaware pedestrian/cyclist/driver! It’s also nice for sliding due to its stiffness and good shape: the nice subtle curve and ledge are ideal for pushing feet up against for good grip in slides.

Lush Symbian 3D Review

5 5 1
I have one and they are so rad! never a dull moment and so fun to ride. Definitely worth the money. If you are from the states, you'll have the coolest board around and educate others that don't know!

Lush Symbian 3D Review

5 5 1
Setup: Lush Symbian 2 Cult Classic Wheels Bones Bearings Bear 952 Trucks I've used it almost daily since I bought it about 3 years ago now. It is still in phenomenal condition considering the amount of abuse it has endured. (Minor scratches on the paint, minor scrapes on the top and bottom of the board, including on the kicktails. The kicktails are great for manuals and shove-its and the dropthrough trucks keep it a nice low profile which I find great to slide with. I mainly use it to get around the city and campus. Fun for cruising and bombing hills with a little bit of freestyle and sliding thrown in the mix. Since I've purchased this, I haven't even considered buying a new board anytime soon. These boards are well constructed and are definitely worth the money!

Lush Symbian 3D Review

5 5 1
A Fine Piece of Awesome Sauce. Ideal for bombing down those slopes whilst keeping in full control of your senses or for just taking a trip down the shops

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Lush Longboards Symbian 3D FAQ's

  • Question: Is this a good beginner longboard?

    - Yes, very much so. The Symbian 3D is a great board for a great price - it's a perfect first longboard, as it's something of a "Swiss Army Knife." It's super low, so very easy to push and footbrake. It's also very easy to slide, and makes a great first longboard for learning that. The small kicktails and symmetrical shape are good for dancing and other longboard tricks. It's a great starter board if you're not sure what kind of longboarding you want to get into, as it does a bit of everything!

  • Question: What trucks work best on this board?

    - We build this up with Sabre Trucks - but any high-angle longboard truck will work well. Check out Paris, Bear and Caliber Trucks for some other options.

  • Question: I want a flexy longboard for cruising around. Is this good for that?

    - The Symbian 3D doesn't have a lot of flex - we've built it strong enough to be able to flip around and take a bit of punishment. If you want a straight up carver/cruiser board with a flexy deck, try the Freebyrd or the Samba.

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