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Lush Longboards Throttle X-Flex

About this product

35" / 88.9cm
9.75" / 24.8cm
21.5" / 54.6cm
6" / 14.3cm
6ply 100% Canadian Maple with X-Flex
Front-loaded rocker with kicktail
Stiff Flex
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The Throttle is a very versatile longboard.

In fact, it’s not really a longboard. At 35″ long, it’s getting into mini-cruiser territory.

But then, maybe it’s a bit long compared to most other mini-cruisers – so we’ll call it a “maxi cruiser”.

Or maybe a “mini longboard.”

Whatever you call it – the Throttle is definitely Rad.

At 35×9.75″, it’s long enough to go fast, and long enough for a bit more room for your feet than a mini-cruiser. But it’s also nice and short – easy to lug around than a full-sized longboard, and more maneuverable too.

Light and Tough

We’ve pressed the Throttle from our Composite X-Flex construction.

Composite Longboards

A mixture of maple and fibreglass, X-Flex gives awesome energy return, and allows us to make the deck a bit thinner than if we just used maple.

The whole layup is soaked in epoxy in the press, which makes it much better at resisting impact damage too.

Board Feel Matters

We know it – if you skate enough, you’ll know it. How a board feels under your feet is the most important thing about it.

The Throttle is pressed with a proper skateboard kicktail – not a flatish, half-arsed longboard kicktail – this is a solid, angled kicktail like you would find on a skateboard.

So anything you can do on a skateboard – ollies, flips, kickturns, even popping your board up into your hands – is way easier.

The Throttle also features a mild front-loaded rocker profile. We are big into rocker here at Lush – it tightens up your stance and “cups” your feet, holding your body as if you are standing in a giant cereal bowl, and creating a super-comfortable standing platform.

The shape is a simple, functional, flowing outline – this is one of those boards that just works.

Choose your setup!

The Throttle’s versatility is bourne out by the different undercarriages it’ll work with.

The wheelbase is 21.5″ – just about long enough to use proper reverse kingpin longboard trucks, and still short enough to work with regular street-style skate trucks.

So for that skateboard feeling on a cruiser setup, stock some wider regular skate trucks on there, and you’re set.

And for a bit more speed and a “longboardy” feeling, a full-sized longboard truck geometry will be great too.

You can choose your setup when you buy to match your intention and budget. We’re building the Throttle up with Sabre Trucks, Cult Wheels and Sabre hardware and bearings, so whatever you go for, you’re getting a decent setup, loaded with aftermarket parts.

This is the sweet spot.

The Throttle is the perfect board for a lot of different skaters.

It’s a great choice if you’re a beginner looking for a little more space than you’re average mini-cruiser, but you don’t want a full-sized longboard.

It’s also great if you’re a downhill/freeride shredder and you want a directional board with a proper kicktail.

If you already skate street, but you want something a bit bigger to cruise about on, the Throttle is the board for you.

Or maybe you just love the simple, flowing shape…. it looks fast even when it’s not moving.

Get one – you’ll love it!


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