Fabian Laute is a caterpillar.


Fabian is warming up for this year’s race season… here’s a quickfire Q&A with the man behind the ever-popular Steezestoker.

Favourite Lush boards?
Steezestoker and Spacebyrd Day

Current set up?
Steezestoker, 46° Gunmetal Mactens, Classic/Traction Beam/Gamma Rays, Sunrise bearings, Riptide Bushings,
Spacebyrd Day, Tracker Axis, Bones Hardcore Bushings, Bones Spf/Cultisms

Chosen terrain?
All of ’em.

Best sk8 events?
Josh’S Outlaw Race (California)
St Ouen (France)
Insul Cup (Germany)
Hawaiian Outlaw Series #1 (Hawaii)?

Worst injuries?
Besides a broken rib probably none, I skate safe!

Plans for the future?
Enjoy life and keep skating.

Ideal day consists of….
A good session, good weather, nice safety gear and hanging out listening to some nice tunes.

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
A caterpillar.

Thanks to Felix Buchholz for the photos!