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Welcome to the Learning Curve!

Welcome to the Lush Longboards Learning Curve! This is our “how to longboard” resource, covering all kinds of longboard tricks, slides,  flatland, bowls and essential moves.

Once you’ve got yourself rolling on a longboard, the next step is to learn how to skate it!

Featuring step-by-step guides and demonstrated by our team riders, this is the perfect place to learn how to slide, or perhaps help you figure out a technical longboard dance move that you’ve been struggling with.

Learn how to longboard, anywhere, anytime!

We’ve optimised this section of the website for faster loading times and smartphone screens, so you can read through them anywhere, with no need for a lot of data usage or even a good mobile signal.

Each step is freeze-framed with a detailed description, making it super easy to break a trick down and deal with it step by step. No more waiting for videos to load, or trying to freeze-frame/rewind on your phone whilst wearing your slide gloves!

Featuring different Lush Team Riders, the focus is on making hard-won skate knowhow straightforward, accessible  and clear to access. Learning how to longboard has never been easier! We’re putting pro-level skate tips in your pocket for you to learn anytime, anyplace.

Which longboard tricks should I learn first?

There’s no need to work through these in a particular order, but once you start reading a few you’ll see that some tricks will be a lot easier if you’ve learnt others first.

For example, if flatland trickery is your focus, a Beanplant is similar to a 180 No Comply with a grab added – so learn the 180 No Comply first and you’ll find the Beanplant much easier.

Likewise, if you’re learning how to slide, we recommend that you learn sliding with a “glove down” before attempting any standup slides. “Hands down” or “glove down” slides are a lot safer for beginners, and will give you a feeling for getting your wheels sideways and controlling them once you’re there.

We’ll be covering everything from the very basic tricks for beginners, right up to race-level tips from the pros.

Check back for more tricks!

We’re adding new tips and tricks all the time, so check back regularly to see what’s new. Please tell us what you’d like to see next!

Longboarding Basics

  • Carve On Your Longboard

  • Footbrake

Sliding & Downhill

  • Toeside Slide

  • Coleman/Pendulum Slide

  • Frontside Powerslide

  • Backside Predrift

  • Frontside Standup 180 S...

Bowls and Transition

  • Frontside Kickturn

  • Backside Kickturn

  • Drop In

Dancing, Tricks & Boardwalking

  • 180 No Comply

  • Beanplant

  • Fakie Shuvit

  • Longboard Cross Step