Jonny Braund at Bleek


Our own Jonny Braund is currently #1 in the British Downhill Skateboarding League 2017

With only two races to go beofre the end of the year, everyone in the UKDH scene is watching to see if he can follow up Pete Connolly’s win from last year, which would put Lush riders on the #1 spot two years running! We’re stoked… Jonny is a super nice dude and all-round UK longboarding legend.

Here’s his write up from the last race of the year…

Yesterday’s BDSL race at Bleek was Epic!

Top rides from across the country come to battle it out head to head on the fastest track the league has to offer. Speeds of over (real life) 50mph were achieved, making for tight and intense heats.

Being set in the deepest darkest parts of Wales the day started off wet, as expected. Never the less after a quick hellos chat with the chaps, we all got suited up and jumped in the uplift van ready for the first run.

First run was a wee bit sketchy, testing the waters for speed and grip. It was soon apparent there was much speed with little grip. Fun but sketchy. Next run was much the same, deciding to tweak my trucks ever so slightly with a small tighten. This improved my grip tremendously, raising confidence and speeds.

Uplift van alongside smooth organisation from the BDSL boys delivered continuous runs before stopping for a quick lunch.

The sun was now shining drying the road well. Me and Skippy soon realised that the grip was back after being highsided off on the big lefty. From there on out it was grip mode!

More practice runs after lunch were ace faster and faster I got.

Race time.

First heat James Kickflip Pethybridge. New to DH and keen to go fast. Never expect a race in the bag with anyone. Anything can happen. I had this race in the bag, with a good push out in front stayed out front. Broke the 50mph in this run.
Next heat was Quarter Finals against Cam Deegan.

Onto the Semis. Josh Monk, an old skool DH buddy of mine was my opponent. Solid rider I knew I had to push it. Out in front half way down on the fastest section I hit wind/ rumble/ imshit kicking my board into a crazy wob. Losing control I fall straight in the path of my oncoming buddy crashing him out, tumbling him down the side of a ditch. After getting to my feet I imminently ran to my board, pushing off as fast I as could screaming see you later loser at Josh. No that didn’t happen. I stayed with my bro as he had taken it hard and it was my fault. after a few moments Josh was on his feet and still pretty battered. We talked about what the outcome of the race should be as I didn’t feel right just skating off for the win. Josh being the bigger man bowed out and placed me in the Final.

Final I was up against power house Kurtis Dawe. This guy is fast, top rider from Canada I had my work cut out. A good push start gave me the lead, for a while at least. I couldn’t hold him off and he sailed on by. I stayed with him but his flawless run didn’t leave me any chances so came in second place over all. Chuffed to bits with this result as it further increasing my lead in the league.

I am number 1!!

All in all a great day out. big smiles. big speeds big loves.

Thanks go out to the organisers, marshalls and sponsors.

Now go buy a Lush Longboard and skate faster!


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UPDATE: check this cool video from Brianne Collective on Facebook!