Name: Eduardo Evans Lopes Guimarães

Home town: Porto, Portugal

Nicknames: EKO

Years skating: 5

Lush Longboards
Cult Wheels
Deckheads Skate Shop
Cactus Distribution

Favourite Lush Boards:
Legend, Pinnacle

Current set up:
Lush Legend, Paris 180, Cult Death Ray.

Chosen terrain:
Smooth ass assault

Best skate events:
•Without a doubt KNK longboard camp Slovenia
Velefique Freeride
Graveyard Call

Worst injuries
Loss of copious amounts of skin

Plans for future
• Continue to push my brand (EKO SLIDE GLOVES) and hopefully be able to work within the longboard industry, developing new products, accessories and protective gear.
•Skate as many free rides as possible, and spread the stoke of all my sponsors within and around my community.
•Work, skate and have as much fun as possible throughout.

Ideal day consists of
Waking up, receiving some orders, make some gloves, skate in the sun.Then wrap that up with a “francesinha”.

Your inner skate animal is
Sloth on a rainy day, Tasmanian devil on a sunny day