Q&A – Fee Bücheler


We recently cornered our resident Women’s Camp Organiser Schnapps Fairy, Fee Bücheler, for a quick fire Q&A…go!

Name: Fee Bücheler

Hometown: Growing up in Stuttgart

Living now: in my Van

AKA Names: Frau Fee

Years sk8ing: Around 10 years

Everybody should know: I am a f*cking fairy!!

Who are your sponsors? LushLongboards, CultWheels, SabreTrucks, SixxaClothing,
LesEttes, Rollladen and the Universum.

Favourite Lush boards?
Really? I have to choose one? While I am on the “Pinnacle” I am a
Freeryder” and not a “Machine!

Current set up?
Sabre Trucks (prefer 38Baseplate), CultWheels (prefer GammaRays,
DeathRays and for sure the Classics)

Chosen terrain?
Small, tight, dirty, steep and serpentine roads everywhere

Best sk8 events?
Puh KNK and Häldenrennen

Worst injuries?
Broken Shoulderblade and fucked arm-muscles
Plans for the future?
Drinking all Slivovitz of Osilnica this year on KNK

Ideal day consists of….
Skate, Fuck, Fight, and Drink

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
Killing at first a set of wheels and afterwards bottle up Rich with Schnapps…