Q&A – Gabor Csutar


Name: Gábor Csutár

Hometown: Budapest

Living now: Budapest!

Years of sk8ing:
From age Five… then intensive street skating from 12-16 (4 years), then longboarding for 1 year so far

Current set up?
Wizard, GC-45 Sabre Trucks, Cult Isms

Favourite Lush boards?
The Legend and the Wizard, yet (looking forward for the Freeryder, has to be a
new favourite)

Chosen terrain?
Pretty much all around, Dh, freeride and street, the hybrid style

Best sk8 events? Vandem Freeride ;D

Worst injuries? Double fractured fibula in my ankle




Plans for the future?
Ride and practice more, conquer all my fears, make videos, travel as much as possible, begin racing, visiting freerides, graduate, being a real inspiration in my country and help building the longboard community here, keep learning about myself, change and resolve as many things as possible that holds me back from enjoying myself and being conscious about everything happening around me, practising and improving in Tibetan healing, earn money for a duty that I love to do and helps the people, have an independent life.

Ideal day consists of….
Nutritious and healthy mealtimes, get all my tasks done that I know I have to do, considering everything like it was the last time that im doing it, loving everyone, getting high on friends, practising compassion and meditation, breaking ego, skateboarding a lot, having sex with a loved one, yeah, that would be pretty much ideal 😀

Your inner sk8 animal is….?
A shining Golden Dragon, with the strength of the gods, with the wisdom of the ancients and with the
ease of a feather.