Q&A – Jordan Riachi


Our own Jordan Riachi is hitting Newton’s Nation this weekend on his Steezestoker… here’s a quick Q&A prior to the big event!

Name: Jordan Riachi

Hometown: Brisbane since I was born!

Years skating: Skated street for a year until I discovered soft wheels which led me into the downhill skateboarding scene, with a help from a few friends. So stoked to be a part of such rad teams and have an impact on the skate community.

Favourite Lush boards? Steezestoker no doubt

Current set up? Lush Steezestoker, Caliber precisions, various Cult Wheels..

Chosen terrain? Anything steep with corners

Best sk8 events? Some huge freeride events over here in Australia, King of the Zig 2013, Newtons nations 2013

Worst injuries? Just a bit of road rash

Plans for the future? Skate hard, finish school, get a job, make friends, have fun!

Your ideal day consists of…. breakfast with the boiz, skate at Mt Neebo, then a bulk freeride with friends after.

Photo and edit by our good friend Animal House Reference