Q&A – Luigi Russo


Luigi Russo - Freeryder

Favourite Lush boards: Penman`s Steezstoker, Freeryder and the Shocker

Current set up?: Steezstoker/Sabre GC/F-38 190mm/Cult Gamma Ray and Freeryder/Sabre GC 45/Cult Classics

Chosen terrain: Any hill with turns!

Best sk8 events: Bagiru Slide Jam ( it`s a local event, but its INSANE )!

Worst injuries: I hit my head twice! The helmet saved me as always!

Luigi Russo Lush Freeryder

Plans for the future: 2014 will be my race year! All the European races in a row!

Ideal day consists of: – skate fast.

Your inner sk8 animal is: – Maybe a lazy chimp, I don`t know!

Thanks to Rafael Fazano for the photos!