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Longboard Decks & Completes

Camber Profile


For flexy boards, we use a Cambered profile. We’ve used camber in various longboards for over a decade – there’s no better way to produce a lively flex from wood.

It gives you:

  • A springy flex, as the veneers are “pre tensioned” against your weight in the press, the deck “springs” out of carves and gives a super-nice carving feeling. If you’re into surfing and snowboarding – you will like it!
  • A slightly higher ride height which equates to more lean and a better turn on your trucks.

If you want to carve it up… Camber is the way to go.

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Rocker Profile



We love a bit of rocker on our longboard decks here at Lush… we first introduced it to our lineup back in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

A rockered profile on a longboard brings the skater’s knees together, helping centre weight and improving board feel. It also helps lock your feet into the board, and the board is essentially concaved along its length as well as across its width. A great alternative to a microdrop or drop-down profile, we’re all about board feel in our decks and we think once you’ve skated rocker, you’ll never go back to anything else… click here for more info!

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Vertically Laminated

Vertically laminated hardwoods provide the best natural flex feel we can create… and looks to die for! Click here for more info.

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3D Rocker Profile


Our 3D Rocker profile bends Maple as far as possible to create foot locking concave and ultimate board feel.

Rocker by itself brings your knees together as you skate, adding board feel and helping you centre your weight. We’ve added 3D wheel flares to prevent wheelbite and give your feet reference points and extra leverage – you’ll really notice the benefits on freeride and slide setups. Click here for more info!

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X Tuff Composite

We want our top-end downhill, freeride and race decks to be as stiff and tough as possible. Stiffer boards track corners better and slide smoother, and we’ve seen what can happen to a deck when it’s been thrown into an armco barrier at 50mph…!

To achieve these characteristics we use our X-Tuff construction – a composite layup of Maple and bi-axial fibreglass, cunningly offest to create maximum torsional stiffness and a minimal, damped lengthways flex to absorb road vibration. Our X-Tuff Construction is also legendary for its toughness… we’ve seen these boards take punishment like nothing else on the market. Click here for more info!

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X Flex Composite


A composite of Fibreglass and Maple, held together with Epoxy glue, we use X-Flex to create flexy longboards with a springy flex and unparalleled energy return.

By burying the fibreglass into the layup we dampen the flex pattern a little, creating a lively, controlled flex, which will give you that carving feeling that we know you’re carving if you surf or snowboard. Click here for more info!

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Sabre Flushmount System

The Lush Samba is designed around the Sabre Trucks Forged Precision Baseplate. The deck is CNC cut specifically to fit the drop-up 38-degree baseplate, creating a super low ride height and maximum lean.

In all our years of chasing the ultimate carving feeling, only this combination of deck angle, flushmount, truck angle and bushing setup creates comes close to our original vision. The Samba is built from the ground up to chase that carving feeling anywhere – get on board!

Click here to learn more…

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6 Ply Maple



Denotes 6 plies of Canadian Maple – very flexy and light!

We only make boards this thin when we’re supporting the wood with X-Flex. Longboards made using 6ply maple are very light for their size, and have a lot of bouncy flex – perfect for carving, cruising, pumping and dancing.

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Adjustable Wheelbase


Several of our longboards feature a lot of wheelbase adjustment. We drill in several truck mounting options to allow you to change this all-important dimension of your setup to suit your riding style. Longer wheelbases increase stability and flow, shorter wheelbases increase grip and turn. Decks with a lot of wheelbase adjustment also feature longer wheel wells to match.

An adjustable wheelbase also allows you to choose the size of your nose and tail – so you can transform your deck from a longer downhill machine into a shorter freeride deck with a tail for ollies and kickturns. Click here for more info!

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9 Ply Maple



Denotes 9 plies of 100% hardrock canadian Maple – for a stiffer flex.

We use 9ply Maple layups for stiffer freeride and downhill longboards, as stiffer decks slide smoother and track sweeping corners better. We’ll also use this layup when we want more strength in the deck to resist impact and abuse from freestyle/dancing tricks – this kind of longboarding is very hard on decks and we want ours to survive as long as possible!

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7 Ply Maple



Denotes 7 plies of Canadian Maple – generally pretty flexy on most longboard wheelbases.

7 plies of Canadian Maple has been the standard skateboard layup for decades. Used on a longboard with a longer wheelbase, it gives a nice mellow flex without adding too much weight to the deck. Maple is amazingly impact-resistant compared to cheaper woods, returns energy better and holds it’s flex for longer. If you’re using wood alone without any composite additions, you won’t find a better material to make longboards out of!

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8 Ply Maple



Denotes 8 plies of Canadian Maple – medium stiffness on most wheelbases.

We use this layup on shorter freeride boards to save weight were 9 plies would be overkill. As long as the deck isn’t too long, 8 plies is plenty stiff enough for the smooth and predictable slides that we all love!

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Drop Through Trucks


We were one of the first longboard companies to start making longboards with drop-through truck mounts, way back in the early 2000’s with some of our early speedboards. We were also the first to use this truck mounting on a flexier cruiser board, starting a trend which has snowballed since – the drop-through crusier shape has since become one of the “standard” longboard shapes alongside pintails and mini-cruisers.

Drop-through longboards skate lower, which means that they are more stable, slide more easily and predictably, and are easier to push and footbrake. As such, they make great boards for beginners who need to learn how to slide, push and brake effectively.

Our adjustable drop-through mount takes this innovation one step further. By lengthening the cutout and adding two extra holes, we can give you a small amount of wheelbase adjustment, allowing you to optimise your ride to suit your style and setup. Click here for more info!

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Router Cut Wheel Wells


We use a router to cut wheel wells in our longboard decks when we want to make a very long or very deep well. Material is removed after the blank is pressed and shaped, allowing us to make wider topmount shapes whilst avoiding wheelbite.

We can also give a lot of wheelbase options with this technique, allowing you a lot of customisation options. Using a router to cut our wheel wells, we can make shapes that would otherwise be impossible, run our setups lower with looser trucks, and still keep wheelbite to a minimum. Click here for more info!

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Moulded Arches



Our newer longboard decks feature moulded wheel arches. Pressed in with the concave, this allows us to create really deep wheel wells without sacrificing any strength and keeping a cleaner look. Avoiding wheelbite has never been easier! Click here for more info.

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Handmade in Bristol

Our longboards marked “Handmade in Bristol” are just that – handmade by us, right here in our Bristol workshop, in the UK.

No giant CNC robots, no mass production, no faceless factory floor… just a love for skateboarding mixed with a lot of sweat, sawdust and elbow grease. Click here to see how…

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Welcome to the Lush Longboards Lineup - rider driven, shaped with passion, by longboarders for longboarders in the UK since 1999. We have been around long enough to have seen longboards evolve with longboarding itself - the first Lush boards were hand-cut from 12mm birch on the kitchen table, a far cry from today's hydraulically pressed 3D concaves. One thing remains the same though - we're still skating, and we're still listening to our customers and team riders. After 17 years of fun, our commitment to building the best longboards we can for as many kinds of skating as possible is stronger than ever. Use the ratings on each deck to choose your ride. From cruisers and dancers to freeride, slide and speed addicts, we have a deck for almost every occasion. If you're still stuck, check out the "what board for me" page in the Workshop! Welcome on board - we hope you enjoy the ride!

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Finally everyone can get these!!! By far the longest lasting gloves I have ever skated, and I am a finger dragger and general glove destroyer of epic proportions. They are pricey but when you work out how many sets of cheaper gloves you are going through every year, you will see that it's worth the investment. Pair them up with a set of aftermarket pucks and be happy... an awesome product.

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