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Chris Vanstone

Chris “Vanstager” Vanstone
Home Town
Tiverton, Devon
Antuna, Traction Beams, 608rs, CF Über(Ti)lites, Al2O3
Cold dry winter mornings, trees, brightly coloured fish and wellington boots.
I can’t even begin to answer this in ten words
Guilty Pleasure
Nerding out
Pet Hate
Small dogs
Refreshing Beverage
Words of Wisdom
NEVER, EVER!! Clutch at other people’s wisdom on the internet!

CNC machinist, gin connoisseur, master footbreaker, Chris Vanstone has been bombing the hills of Devon solo for longer than we can remember.

Latest Rider News

Vandem Freeride 2013

This event WENT OFF!!!!!!! Just over 140 skaters came down for the weekend, we had two days of perfect weather, and the uplift system allowed some skaters to clock over 50 runs on the 1.3 mile track between both days. We had a huge party on Saturday night, with local metal band Cry Havoc coming.. Read More

Agent Vanstone

Our own Elusive Chris Vanstone has been scoring some travel time recently in New Zealand and Mexico… On his travels he’s been… Hitting some hills on his Antuna… Dressing up as a Mexican… Making friends… …who turn out to be useful Gun Caddies… Riding a Mighty Stallion… Wild Camping… ..and er…. yeah.

A decade of evolution

We were lucky enough to track down one of the first Spooky Evo’s via Chris Vanstone recently. Released in 2002, the Spooky Evo was one of the first commercially available speedboards with a drop-through truck mounting. It featured a dropped-up nose, which served to wedge the front truck in a similar fashion to other pioneering.. Read More

KNK Longboard Camp 2012

Pete,Rob,Rich,Mark,Chris and Fee all went to this year’s KNK freeride – without a doubt the funnest longboard event in Europe. Thanks for putting on such a rad freeride guys – see you next year!


…the picture says it all…. Ginger, Moonface, Giovanni and Curly flying the flag! Follow @vandem_mfg on Instagram for more updates!

Pink Lightning

While most of us were at the UK Bo Peep race this weekend, our own Chris Vanstone went to the French national race in Northern France, organised by our friends Riders En Bray – and scored a 3rd place podium on his new Antuna. They ran a race-to-qualify format, so even though it rained on.. Read More

Fun with a radar gun

This weekend we went hill hunting again… this time armed with a speed trap and remote readout that Mike at Octane Sport lent us. The Elusive Mr Vanstone, Sunday kicks! We’re not sure how accurate these readings are, and actually at the end of the day who cares, but we got some blog-worthy photos so.. Read More


We went to darkest Devon last night to see Mr Vanstone in his natural environment… making ATV’s for the RNLI! This has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding at all…. but it’s pretty cool.


The final protoypes for our Manu Antuna Tribute Deck turned up last week… This is our first rockered speedboard. It’s a bit shorter than the Vandella, with a further refined shape after many late-night motorway conversations in the van between Darren, Chris, Jesse and Rich. If you’ve no idea who Manu Antuna is and why.. Read More

N-tense D-centz

We went to the deepest darkest Southwest for some downhill fun with Devonians Matt Elver, Chris Vanstone, Jesse Tighe and Charlie Mason this weekend. It was basically everything you could hope for in a road trip, and a bit more. Pete and Matt, near darkness… In the Vandem… John and Rob contemplating what to throw.. Read More

Product Spotlight – The Vandella

A summer of shredding later…. and The Vandella has firmly established itself as our Team’s “deck of choice” when things get fast and dangerous. Phwoaaaar… concave. Darren and Chris worked together to produce this deck… combining over two decades of downhill freeride and race experience between them. The results speak for themselves… The creators round.. Read More

Q&A – Chris Vanstone

Just dropped Vanny off at Bristol airport – he’s on his way to race at the Kozakov Challenge. On the way we managed to extract a quickfire Q+A with the ginger ninja from deepest darkest Devonshire… >What’s the best sandwhich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it? Devonshire village bacon sarnie, Local bacon, local.. Read More

Back from Wallonhill

A super good freeride – really slick organisation, nice campsite next to the river, fun hill and a good turnout of over 130 riders. Here’s Jesse and Chris on the last straight, courtesy of Travis Horsfall of Heelside Magazine… quick GoPro edit coming soon. Cheers to Longboard Blutcher for organising… we’ll be back!

Rainbow Road

Another quick edit from our trip to Spain a couple of months back… Jesse Tighe and Chris Vanstone skating “Rainbow Road.” This hill was too good… super varied with fast bits, tight bits, twisty bits, dangerous bits, with hardly any cars on… we camped up here for two days out of our week. Stoked…