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Pete Connolly

Pete Connolly
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Erm… Metal?
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The fastest and most successful downhill skater the UK has yet produced, Pete has been leading the scene since before there was a scene, and rolling on our decks for many years. If you’re at a race in Europe – he’s probably been there a week already and bombed the local mountain pass while you were still on the ferry. A true legend of downhill… metal for breakfast.

Pete set a new Downhill Skateboard World Speed Record in 2017 with an astonishing 91.17mph! Check the article on the Guinness World Records Site here.

Latest Rider News

World Speed Record – 91.17mph

This is Part 3 of 3. Click for Part 1 and Part 2. Regular readers will know that teamrider and UK Downhill legend Pete Connolly has been gearing up for a trip to “L’Ultime Descente” – an downhill gravity speed event, now in its second year, in Quebec.   Following a trip to the north.. Read More

The Black Art Of Speed

This is Part 2 of 3. Click for Part 1 and Part 3. How fast can you go on a skateboard? This is a question that skaters have been trying to answer since someone ripped the handle off a box scooter and pointed it down a hill. Regular followers of this blog will be familiar.. Read More

Inside the mind of a downhill skater… Pete Connolly talks racing

Pete Connolly has been hooked on downhill skateboarding for a long, long time. His drive to go as fast as possible on his skateboard has led him all over the globe, and made him many friends. A need for speed as strong as this can only be satisfied by racing… We asked Pete for his thoughts on longboarding, downhill, racing and.. Read More

Kozakov 2016 Raw Run: Pete Connolly

Here is a sick raw run from Lush teamrider Pete Connolly at Kozakov Challenge 2016 with Mikel Echegaray Diez filming. The GPS overlay on this edit is a really nice touch as it gives you a good guide as to just how crazy this hill is. Be sure to check out for more!

BDSL 2016 Update

The British Downhill Skateboard League is a community project run by members of the UKDH scene. It’s a points-based ranking system, with the aim of increasing participation at UK outlwas and close-road events. So far we have had five races in the series – Hog Hill, Slide-Path-fect Time Trial, a Gurston, and outlaws at Abercynon.. Read More

Dunlop Longboard Ad – Behind the Scenes

Regular watchers of this blog will know that Lush teamrider Pete Connolly recently went to Majorca for an advert shoot with Dunlop tyres. The concept was to use the draft from a touring car driven by Jason Plato down Sa Calobra to get even more speed out of this famous road. This behind-the-scenes documentary gives.. Read More

Follow run with Pete after the Dunlop shoot

So after a day of shooting with Dunlop in Majorca, Pete and the stunt co-ordinator Tassilo Labuzinski decided to make the most of a car-free evening on one of the craziest roads in Europe. One GoPro attached to the bonnet and hey presto…

Pete Connolly goes to Majorca with Dunlop

Lush team rider and UKDH Legend Pete Connolly recently got an invite from Dunlop Tyres to fly out to Majorca and chase Champion BTCC driver Jason Plato down a legendary road. This was to  celebrate the launch of their new Sport Maxx RT2 tyre. Lets just say these boys had a lot of fun and scored.. Read More

Pete Connolly Almabtrieb 2014

An oldie but a goodie from the Lush Video Archives! Lush Teamrider Pete Connolly shredding hard at the 2014 Almabtrieb last summer, filmed by Tiki Alex!

Almabtrieb 2014 – British Invasion

Almabtrieb 2014 was one of the highlights of this year’s race calendar, here’s the fastest of the Lush UKDH team (and friends!) showing you what goes on during a raw run of this truely awesome race hill. Skaters: Pete Connolly Rob Borek Josh Monk Arron Skippings Oli Slaughter Thanks to Alex Frischauf for filming!

Kozakov Raw

Here’s teamrider Pete Connolly tearing Kozakov a new one with Aleix Gallimo filming in hot pursuit!! Pete was the fastest UK rider at Kozakov this year, scoring 48th out of a field of 158 skaters.

Raw Run :: The Kop ft. Pete Connolly

Pete Connolly has just got back from this year’s Euro tour, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland on the hit list. Here’s a quick raw run on home turf… Thanks to Thrill Magazine for filming!

Dunharrow somewhere north of Mordor

Pete just sent us this edit of his latest outing on the Sequel.  This hill is narrow , smooth , fast , short and pretty intense. He loves it… just his kind of skating….go fast or go home!    

UK Dawn Speed

Pete and Rob hooked up with a few friends this weekend for a dawn speed mission… Sweet edit and filming from Fibretec’s Luca Coleman… 60mph with a DSLR in hand…!! …and Sam Holding put together this cut from Newton’s Shred GoPro footage. Both Rob and Pete rocking the Sequel… used here as we intended!

Draft School with Pete Connolly

A familiar sight for anyone who skated “The Vixen” at the KNK freeride this summer… being drafted by Pete Connolly. Pete’s on a Sequel in this edit… the benchmark speedboard in our lineup. Thanks to Rob for the edit!