Vandem Freeride Media Overload


What a weekend!! And huge number of runs, an epic party on Saturday night, can you feel the freeride good vibe?

A huge thanks to all the Marshals, Skirmish Paintball Centre, Cry Havoc, the residents of Pennsylvania Road, and everyone who came and made the UK’s first freeride so special!

Jon Braund

Vandem Freeride 2012

Harry Phelps

Hugo Bessett

There are a few more photos on the Vandem Flickr.

Check out Will Edgecombe’s blog for some really nice lifestyle and skate shots.

There are also more photos on facebook, here, here and here. If you find any more please post them below!

Here are a couple of edits that have popped up already, thanks to Marcin and Hubert:

Watch this space for more!