Welcome to the Lush Team – Cal’O’Cal


Our latest recruit, Callum hails from Victoria Australia, and tears a new one in pretty much any skate terrain in his path…

List of sponsors:

Lush Longboards, Hemley Skateboarding, Hillside Leathers, Bonehunter Bags.

Favourite Lush boards?
The MACHINE! and the Throttle.

Current set up?
The Lush Machine, Precision Bears and Rads!

Favourite terrain?
The un-skateable! never underestimate the potential of any road no matter how it looks at first!

Favourite place to sk8 and favourite event?
South East Asia has some of the best hills and best skating environment!, Newtons Nation is THE event

Worst injuries?
Non as of yet!! (touch wood!)

Plans for the future?
Shred till ya dead!

And your inner sk8 animal is a…
Damn this is hard….. A Seagull???, i’ll skate anything, and my body generally acts quicker then my mind, I’d swallow a rock…..