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What’s the best longboard for me?

Choosing the “best” longboard isn’t always easy, especially as a beginner.

“Best” is a bit of a misnomer. Longboarding is a very diverse thing – so really you should be finding the right longboard for you!

For this reason, every longboard in our lineup does something different.

Of the myriad of different things you can do with a longboard, you might only be interested in one or two of them. And there’s nothing wrong with that – the beauty of this is that you choose how you want to skate!

Pick the reason you are here and we’ll help you choose the right board.

I want to….

Cruising (longboards for beginners)

Most beginners start longboarding here.

Longboarding doesn’t need to be about tricks, speed or showing off – sometimes the simple pleasures of just cruising along are enough.

We’ve been making boards as a fun way of getting around for many, many years. We know what works, and what doesn’t – when you buy a cruiser from us you can rest assured that we’ve set it up just right!

A lot of our boards work well as cruisers. At the shorter end of things – more portable and easier to stash – are the Swift and the Dagyr. We generally recommend shorter boards like this to more advanced skaters, or those with smaller feet.

Moving into the mid-length “classic longboard” realm, the Mako and Freebyrd are both excellent choices. Full sized longboards like this are really good for beginners as you have more room to stand, but they’re still turny enough to be nimble through traffic and pedestrians.

In a class all by itself is the Samba carving board, which makes an excellent cruiser due to its low ride height, medium length, lovely flex and super-grippy wheels.

If you can handle the length then the Legend or Kisiwa are real head turners!!

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Longboard Dancing and Boardwalking

Longboard dancing is a great way to enjoy a simple flat carpark. Linking tricks and footwork needs a big, long, flexy deck, preferably with a decent nose and tail.

The Legend X-Flex is designed specifically as a dancing/freestyle board, with all the room you need in a flexy, lightweight package.

If you’re chasing a more soulful, surf-style boardwalker, then check out the longest board in our lineup, the handbuilt Kisiwa.

If you’re on a budget, or you’re looking for something that will cruise as well as dance, then you can just about get away with a Mako for a bit of cross-stepping.

Need a hand figuring out your next trick ? Check out the Learning Curve for some help!


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Snowboard-style carving longboards

Stop wondering and get on a Lush Samba! We have created this board specifically to recreate the feeling you love – tons of lean and super-controllable sliding.

Crank a Samba over in a turn and you can feel the grippy wheels scrabbling for grip as the back end slides out. Which a little imagination, you’ll be throwing buckets of powder with every carve.

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Sliding and Freeriding

Once you get the hang of sliding, you’ll be addicted! The feeling of holding a bard sideways at speed will be familiar to you if you ride snow or waves a lot – on a hill it has it’s own thrill.

The Machine 3D is a purpose built freeride and downhill deck, super stiff and with our perfected 3D-Rocker concave.

For learning to slide, check out the Freebyrd – low, stable and controllable.

Learn to slide well and you’ll be able to skate any hill in your path! Check out the Learning Curve for some ideas.

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Surf style longboarding

If you’re a surfer, we know one of the things you are missing are those deep bottom turns and lip slashes. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to practice your footwork while you’re waiting for the waves to pick up.

For the shortboarders amongst you, you need to check out the Samba. Designed to turn as hard as possible with tons of lean, this board turns a flat stretch of pavement into your favourite break.

For the longboarders out there looking to get your hot-doggin wired, check out the longer Lush Kisiwa, with ample space to walk up and back. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it’ll make next time you’re in the water.

If you’re wanting to keep things a bit shorter, then the handbuilt Swift is a good shout. Or for a classic surf-style cruiser, you can’t go wrong with the Mako Pintail.

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Skate Transition

With sick concrete parks popping up all over the UK, skating transitions has never been so easy. You need the right tool for the job – we have a few shortboard and longboard shapes that will fit most shapes sizes and ages of skater. Choose your weapon and get shredding!

The Dagyr is the obvious choice here.

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Speedboarding, Downhill and Race

The purest form of skateboarding is going as fast as you can down the biggest hill you can find. Take this to its extremes and things can get a bit serious – you need solid gear under your feet that you can trust.

We work with our team to develop the fastest boards out there. Get one under your feet and scare yourself…

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