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Welcome to Lush Longboards!

We are the UK’s #1 longboard brand!

We’re skater owned and skater run, and have been since our founding in 1999. Our is mission is unchanged after all this time: to make the best longboard skateboard products we can, and share our stoke for longboarding with as many people as possible!

Longboarding is awesome. We’ve been exploring the world, making friends and pushing our own limits via our longboards for longer than we care to remember. To us, a longboard is a vehicle for freedom, a passport to to a route less travelled, and a tool for self exploration.

It’s not about showing off or impressing your mates, it’s not about aggression or image, it’s about the pure stoked up vibe you get from simply riding a long skateboard. “Land every carve!”

In all our years of doing this we have yet to see anybody try a longboard out and not be stoked. We know that once you’re rolling, nothing will stop you!

Longboarding is also about community. We have been organising and supporting longboard events in the UK and Europe for as long as we have been pressing decks.

Our team is full of stoked individuals who share our vision for fun and adventure through all kinds of skateboarding and longboarding – be it downhill, freeride, transition, dancing or street. You can get to know them here, or meet them at one of the many longboard gatherings and events across the UK and Europe.

You can check out our range of longboards and cruiser boards here. Our boards have years of hard-won skate knowledge in every shape, and they are pressed, shaped and finished in our custom mouldset, using specific layups and materials to suit the need and purpose of each deck. Cruising, Carving, Sliding, Freeride and Downhill – we’ve got it all!

Need some inspiration for another trick to learn? Check out the Learning Curve – a growing trick tips and how to resource section, with detailed walkthroughs, images and animations to make learning to longboard even easier!

You can learn more about our production process, technology and materials, plus find a whole load of longboard tech tutorials, guide and how-to’s in the Workshop Section.

If you choose to buy a complete, the choice of components is just as important as the deck. We build with the finest parts from Cult Wheels and Sabre Trucks for a super smooth ride.

Once you’re onboard, send us your setup and we’ll put it up on Riders Rides – a gallery for all Lush board owners!

Check out the latest news from Lush HQ, new products, team features, skate vids, and way more on the Lush Skate Blog.

See you on a hill soon….


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Which Longboard Setup S...


Bristol Board Meeting 2018!

It’s that time again!! On Saturday 20th October we’ll be skating en masse out from Green Park, Bath along the Bath to Bristol cycle path, all the way to Bristol Temple Meads on our longboards. We’re doing this to raise money for Clic Sargent, the UK charity helping kids with cancer. Since the first Bath.. Read More

Lush Grifter 3D Review


5 5 1
When I first got it I was a little worried that the concave might be too much and be uncomfortable on super long runs, but no, the pockets for your feet lock you in solid, the 9 plies makes this board rock hard stiff without the need for gimmicks like fibreglass or other environmentally nasty ingredients. I have had this up to about 50 mph and it handles like a dream. The lads at Lush are going to struggle to better this, and I have personally threatened them with violence if they try to change it. No nonsense construction and outstanding performance at a very reasonable price. For fast freeriding and awesome slide control there isn't a better deck on the market in my opinion, and I have been riding longboards for over 12 years now. I actually bought another skateboard, drawn in by the marketing (what a mong) , I've since sold it on ebay cause it wasn't a patch on this badboy. Far and away the best deck for freeride and downhill I've ever ridden.


Jonny’s Machine 3D

I loved the look of the Machine 3D and the almost flat under-side of the board made it ideal for battery storage.