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Longboard Decks & Completes

Welcome to our longboard and cruiser skateboard lineup!Rider driven, shaped with passion, by skaters in the UK since 1999.We cover all the bases, with a range of longboards of all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a drop-through, cruiser board, surf-style carver, pintail, dancer, a freeride setup or a downhill speed machine, we've got what you need!Use the ratings on each deck to match your riding style to the right board. If you're not sure what you need, check out the "what board for me" page in the Workshop!

About Our Longboard Decks

Our longboard decks have years of hard-won skate knowledge in every shape.For us, the perfect longboard is a board that skates well.And we know that making a longboard skate well boils down to two words:Board Feel.The concept is simple.If your board feels good under your feet, you’ll want to skate it more.And if you skate more, you’ll have more fun.To get the best board feel going, we have to skate a lot of different shapes, concaves and profiles.Happily we’ve been doing just that for over two decades, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.The next step is to design the profile and concave. Unlike a lot of longboard skateboard companies out there, we press using our own custom moulds, which we've spent a lot of time perfecting. This gives us the ability to fine-tune the profile, shape and concave perfectly for every deck.Once we’ve got the profile we want, we select materials to give us the board feel that best matches the intended use. With two decades of manufacturing experience, we can vary not only how flexy the deck is, but also the nature of that flex.We do all concave, profile, graphics and shape design right here in the UK. 

Custom Complete Longboard Skateboards

We also know that there's no such thing as "one board suits all".When you buy a longboard or cruiserboard from us, not only can you customise your setup, but you'll also be skating a board that was 100% built and checked in the UK too!We also give away a Free Pack of Four Bushings with every complete we sell, so that you can fine-tune your setup to your riding style and weight.We use the finest branded longboard wheels, trucks, bearings and skateboard hardware to build the greatest longboards we can. And we’re finishing everything off with high quality grip tape to keep your feet where they should be - on your board!We are a UK longboard brand first and foremost. So we offer all UK longboarders free next day delivery on all our longboard decks and completes. Here's our shipping info.

  • Custom setups available

    Why would you buy off the shelf when you can have a longboard that’s set up just for you?

    We build every longboard complete that leaves the workshop to order for each skater.

    We offer a choice of trucks, wheels and bearings on several of our boards. This allows you to customise your ride to suit your budget and style.

    Each undercarriage option has been carefully chosen to suit each deck, right down to the bushings. So it’s easier for you to order a custom board, without needing to worry about things like wheel bite and ride height.

    Not only that, but we give away an extra set of bushings with every complete board we sell.

    So now it’s even easier to get exactly the right setup for you.

    Click here to learn more!

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  • Handmade in Bristol

    Our boards marked “Handmade in Bristol” are just that.

    Pressed, shaped, cut and finished by hand, by us, right here in our Bristol UK longboard micro-factory.

    No giant CNC robots, no mass production, no faceless factory floor… just a love for skateboarding mixed with a lot of sweat, sawdust and elbow grease.

    Here’s how we do it…

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  • Moulded Arches


    Wheel bite is the enemy of every longboarder.

    This is especially a problem with freeride and downhill decks, which need bigger wheels without a taller ride height.

    Our solution? Press the wheel wells into the deck at the same time as the concave.

    This allows us to create deeper, longer wheel wells – without sacrificing any strength.

    We think it looks way cleaner too!

    Avoiding wheel bite has never been easier.

    Click here for more info.

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  • Router Cut Wheel Wells


    Wheel wells make a big difference to how a board feels underfoot.

    We want our topmounted cruiser boards to turn a lot. We also need bigger wheels on for a smoother and faster ride.

    Unfortunately, big wheels + wider decks + turny trucks = wheel bite – which we definitely don’t want!

    Our solution?

    We simply remove a large area of wood from the underneath of the deck in exactly the right place. This is done with a router and custom jig setup.

    Routing gives a super-clean finish The jig allows us to be very precise about where the well is in relation to the axle path.

    By using a router to cut our wheel wells, we can make shapes that would otherwise be impossible. We can run our setups lower with looser trucks, and we can still keep wheelbite to a minimum. You can learn more here!

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  • Drop Through Trucks


    We were one of the first longboard companies to start cutting decks with drop-through truck mounts.

    We were also the first to use this truck mounting on a flexier cruiser board, starting a trend which has snowballed since. The drop-through crusier shape has since become one of the “standard” longboard alongside pintails and mini-cruisers.

    But what’s the point?

    It’s simple. Dropping trucks through lowers the ride height considerably – even with bigger wheels.

    This gives more stability, more predictable and controllable slide, and are easier to push and footbrake.

    As such, drop-throughs make great boards for beginners who need to learn how to slide, push and brake effectively. Click here for more info!

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  • Sabre Flushmount System

    That carving feeling is the reason most of us choose to skate a longboard.

    So we designed the Lush Samba carving setup from the ground up around the low angle Sabre Trucks Forged Precision Baseplate.

    We cut the deck specifically to fit the drop-up 38-degree baseplate. This creates a super low ride height, but with maximum lean.

    We’ve been chasing the ultimate carving feeling for a long time. Only this combination of deck angle, flushmount, truck angle and bushing setup creates comes close. Click here to learn more…

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  • Adjustable Wheelbase


    Imagine if you could adapt your board to the terrain in front of you.

    A board’s wheelbase – the distance between the trucks – is a key factor in how a board skates.

    So some of our longboard decks feature multiple wheelbase options.

    We simply drill in several truck mounting options to allow you to change this all-important dimension of your setup to suit your riding style.

    Longer wheelbases increase stability and flow, shorter wheelbases increase grip and turn. Decks with a lot of wheelbase adjustment also feature longer wheel wells to match.

    So now you can have one deck for all occasions! Learn more here.

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  • X Flex Composite


    Hardwood is a great material for making longboard decks – but sometimes we need a little more magic in the mix.

    Enter composites. Our X-Flex construction is a composite of Fibreglass and Maple, held together with Epoxy glue.

    We use X-Flex to create flexy longboard decks with a springy flex and unparalleled energy return.

    But this isn’t just about bounce – remember we’re going for board feel! We don’t want our boards to feel like trampolines.

    So we bury the fibreglass into the layup we dampen the flex pattern a little, creating a lively, controlled flex.

    The result? A smooth, refined flex, perfect for that carving feeling that we’re all chasing. Click here for more info!

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  • Twincore Composite

    The fastest racers in the world demand the fastest boards.

    We use Twincore to create the stiffest, most responsive decks in our lineup.

    Why so stiff? For maximum speed, we need the deck respond precisely to rider input, and nothing else. These boards are designed for the world’s fastest hills, not cruising to the shops. Flexy comfort is an anathema to speed.

    The other side to Twincore is weight. This is not the lightest construction available, but having tried pretty much everything, we found that a little mass adds the required vibration dampening. Road surfaces are not perfect and we want a feeling of stability at extremely high speeds.

    Twincore delivers the world’s fastest skateboards with a combination of soft and hardwoods, top-grade fibreglass, and ABS bumpers. Learn more here!

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  • X Tuff Composite

    There’s no point in making a super-stiff, lightweight downhill board that’s won’t survive being slammed into a tree at 40mph.

    So survivability and toughness are super-important to us when we’re shaping high speed downhill longboards.

    Stiffer boards track corners better and slide smoother, too. Deck twist, flex and chatter are not what you want to feel through your feet at higher speeds.

    In order to make the deck stuff and tough enough for our needs, we came up with X-Tuff. A composite layup of Maple and bi-axial fibreglass, it’s cunningly offest to minimise torsional twist. A minimal, damped flex along the length of the deck helps to absorb road vibration. Click here for more info!

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  • Vertically Laminated

    The best way to create natural board feel?

    Easy – use the best natural materials!

    Vertically laminated hardwoods provide the best natural flex feel we can create… and looks to die for! Click here for more info.

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  • 3D Rocker Profile

    When you’re really pushing the speed limit, you need to be looking where you are going – not at your feet!

    So our 3D Rocker profile bends the maple deck layup as far as possible to create foot locking concave and ultimate board feel.

    Rocker by itself brings your knees together as you skate, adding board feel and helping you centre your weight.

    We’ve also added 3D wheel flares to prevent wheel bite and give your feet reference points and extra leverage – you’ll really notice the benefits on freeride and slide setups. Click here for more info!

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  • Microdrop

    High speed skateboarding needs a different approach to deck profile.

    A “Microdrop” profile combines the benefits of topmounting, rockered concave, and drop-through truck mounting.

    What is a microdrop? It’s simply a very small “drop-down” profile standing platform, pressed into the deck in between the trucks.

    A “Microdrop” profile steers like a top-mount, but with a lower ride height approaching that of a drop-through.

    By pressing a “pan” shaped concave in between the trucks, we can create a rocker-like cradle for your feet, giving you reference and force points so you know exactly where you are on your deck.

    As skated by the fastest in the world… learn more here.


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  • Rocker Profile

    Rocker is our secret weapon in the never-ending quest for better board feel.

    A rockered board curves down towards the ground along the length of the deck.

    This brings your knees together, and “cradles” your feet and body into the centre of the deck.

    It’s like standing in a very mellow breakfast bowl: a more natural-feeling alternative to a microdrop or drop-down profile.

    It’s a subtle refinement, but it’s one of the most important features of our lineup. So important, in fact, that it warranted the development of our own custom moulds to produce.

    If you’re as stoked on board feel as we are, once you’ve skated rocker, you’ll never go back! More info here.

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  • 6 Ply Maple


    Denotes 6 plies of Canadian Maple – very flexy and light!

    We only make boards this thin when we’re supporting the wood with our X-Flex. composite. 6ply maple longboard decks are suprisingly light for their size, and have a lot of bouncy flex.

    Just what you need for carving, cruising, pumping and dancing!

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  • 7 Ply Maple


    Denotes 7 plies of Canadian Maple – strong with good flex and pop. This has been the standard skateboard layup for decades, with good reason.

    For a longboard sized wheelbase, seven ply maple construction gives a nice mellow flex without adding too much weight.

    At regular skateboard lengths, it’s stiff, with super-good pop.

    When compared to cheaper hardwoods, Maple is amazingly impact resistant. It returns energy better and holds it’s flex for longer.

    Unlike a lot of our competitors, we use real maple, and not a cheaper hardwood like beach, birch, or “Chinese Maple.”

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  • 8 Ply Maple


    Denotes 8 plies of Canadian Maple – medium stiffness on most longboard wheelbases.

    We use this layup to add a bit of extra strength and stiffness when we really need it.

    Eight plies is plenty stiff enough for the smooth and predictable slides that we all love!

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