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Rocker, 3D Concave, Camber and Microdrop

As well as pressing curves into a board across its width (concave), we can press along it’s length too. This allows us to create Rocker, Camber, Microdrop, or more funky 3D concave profiles along the length of each deck we press. We can use a different deck profile/concave combination to affect how stiff or flexy a deck is, and also how we want it to feel underfoot.

Cambered Profile

For flexy longboard decks, we use a Cambered profile. We’ve used camber in various longboards since the early days – there’s no better way to produce a lively flex from wood.

It gives you:

  • A springy flex, as the veneers are “pre tensioned” against your weight in the press, the deck “springs” out of carves and gives a super-nice carving feeling. If you’re into surfing and snowboarding – you will like it!
  • A slightly higher ride height which equates to more lean and a better turn on your trucks.

If you want to carve it up… Camber is the way to go.

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Rocker Concave

Many of our freeride and downhill boards use a rocker concave.

It gives you:

  • A slightly lower ride – which means lower centre of gravity with more board control, especially for sliding
  • A dead flex thanks to the pre tensioning of the veneers in the press. This translates to less board chatter going sideways
  • With some shapes, it allows us to press sick pockets for your feet. By varying the position of the blank in the mould and altering the shape, we can vary the concave at different points of the deck to suit a specific purpose.
  • Slightly more turn from your trucks as the truck mounts are slightly angled
  • Enhanced board feel 
  • Some of our decks also have small kicks in addition to the rocker, opening up a whole world of shuvits, flips, ollies, airs, anything you can do on a normal skateboard… the lines are getting blurry!

Our rocker concave does increase truck angle slightly, as we don’t like the idea of weakening decks by machining flat truck seats. As a guide:

  • 20″ Wheelbase = +2.3deg
  • 22″ Wheelbase = +2.8deg
  • 24″ Wheelbase = +3.2deg
  • 26″ Wheelbase = +3.4deg
  • 28″ Wheelbase = +3.8deg
  • 30″ Wheelbase = +3.9deg

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3D Rocker Concave

When we want to give a more positive feeling for you feet, we use 3D Rocker.

In addition to all the benefits of our standard Rocker, it also:

  • Prevents wheelbite – Moulded in wheel arches make it even harder to get wheelbite – so much so that we don’t need to cut wheel wells into the deck!
  • Locked-in foot placement -This concave creates little pockets for your feet, right where you want them. Lock in for those huge standup slides!

Our 3D Concave is the result of many years of tweaking, moulding and skating… it’s subtle, but enough. Trust us… you’ll love it!

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Boards with 3D Rocker Profile

    Microdrop Profile

    Drop-through mounting is great for lowering the ride height, adding stability, but it also lessens truck response by changing leverage that the rider’s weight has over the trucks.

    Top Mounting gets the lean and turn performance we want out of our trucks, but the trade off is a higher ride height – less stability.

    To get a lower ride height with the benefits of a top-mount, we press a subtle drop-down profile into the deck – a Microdrop.

    There’s a problem though – drop-down profiles traditionally restrict the standing platform of the board. A common problem is that you can’t get your feet close enough to the trucks for better response and control.

    But with a Microdrop, we can actually use the part where the deck drops down as a benefit. Microdrop is a very subtle drop-down profile – you can stand on the sections where the deck “drops.” Suddenly you have additional pressure (and therefore control) under the toes of your front foot, and an effective “Gas Pedal” under the heel and arch of your back foot. Perfect for heelside turns and slides, and holding a tight tuck at 90mph.

    You can think of Microdrop as a very refined rocker profile, designed for a highly specific standing position. Highly tuned function combined with enhanced board feel – perfect for going faster than you’ve ever gone before!

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    Boards with Microdrop