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Lush Longboards Freebyrd

About this product

  • Length37.5" / 95.3cm
  • Width9.75" / 24.8cm
  • Wheelbase26.6" / 67.5cm
  • Tail3.11" / 7.9cm
  • Construction8 ply Canadian Maple
  • ProfileCamber
  • FlexFlexy
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The Freebyrd is a symmetrical cutaway drop through longboard, aimed at the beginner. It features a cambered profile and a nice responsive flex.

The flex and the drop-through trucks work together to create a comfortable cruiser that will also do a bit of dancing and sliding if you want.

Drop-Through Trucks

The Freebyrd features drop-through truck mounting. This means that the trucks are mounted through the deck via the top of the truck baseplate, rather than on the bottom of the baseplate like a regular skateboard or longboard.

This results in:

  • lower deck height = easier to push and footbrake
  • lower center of gravity = more stable at speed
  • lower ride height in relation to the wheels = slides become easier to initiate and control

All these characteristics make the Freebyrd a perfect beginner longboard. It’s great for learning longboarding basics and learning to slide.

Learn more about drop-through longboard decks here.

A Premium Setup

We build the Freebyrd up with Sabre Trucks, bushings and bearings, and Cult Wheels. Many cheaper drop-through longboards out there come with no-name or inferior brand undercarriage.

If we’re honest, it’s this running gear – especially the trucks – that really makes the difference to how well a longboard skates.

With the Freebyrd, you’re getting a premium setup – it’ll feel awesome underfoot, straight out of the box.

The Ideal Cruiser Board

The Freebyrd is a great all-rounder, perfect for nipping to the shops, learning to slide or just cruising around. It has a flexy ride thanks to the cambered maple construction, giving great energy return from carving turns and a smooth ride over rougher road surfaces.

If you’re looking for a drop-through cruiser – you are in the right place!

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Lush Longboards Freebyrd Features...

  • Custom setups available

    We offer a choice of trucks, wheels and bearings on several of our boards. This allows you to customise your ride to suit your budget and style.

    Each undercarriage choice has been carefully chosen to suit each deck, right down to the bushings. So it’s easier for you to order a custom board, without needing to worry about things like wheelbite and ride height. Click here to learn more!

  • Camber Profile


    For flexy boards, we use a Cambered profile. We’ve used camber in various longboards for over a decade – there’s no better way to produce a lively flex from wood. Click here to learn the benefits!

  • Drop Through Trucks


    We were one of the first longboard companies to start making longboards with drop-through truck mounts, way back in the early 2000’s with some of our early speedboards. We were also the first to use this truck mounting on a flexier cruiser board, starting a trend which has snowballed since – the drop-through crusier shape has since become one of the “standard” longboard shapes alongside pintails and mini-cruisers.

    Drop-through longboards skate lower, which means that they are more stable, slide more easily and predictably, and are easier to push and footbrake. As such, they make great boards for beginners who need to learn how to slide, push and brake effectively.

    Our adjustable drop-through mount takes this innovation one step further. By lengthening the cutout and adding two extra holes, we can give you a small amount of wheelbase adjustment, allowing you to optimise your ride to suit your style and setup. Click here for more info!

  • 7 Ply Maple


    Denotes 7 plies of Canadian Maple – generally pretty flexy on most longboard wheelbases.

    7 plies of Canadian Maple has been the standard skateboard layup for decades. Used on a longboard with a longer wheelbase, it gives a nice mellow flex without adding too much weight to the deck. Maple is amazingly impact-resistant compared to cheaper woods, returns energy better and holds it’s flex for longer. If you’re using wood alone without any composite additions, you won’t find a better material to make longboards out of!

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Lush Longboards Freebyrd Reviews

Freebyrd ★★★★★ 5 ( 8 reviews)
5 1

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
Bourght the board as a replacement deck. Put my own 76mm 78a wheels one with bones red bearings and swapped out the bushing for sabre's. It rides beautifully and changing the bushings has really made a difference to turning capability. The quality of the deck is exellent and shape is simple but great. I was really please with the postage time and the free bits in there. I think I will deffinetly be coming back to Lush if I need any parts or boards in the future!

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
love it so cool keep up the good work

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
I absolutely love my Freebyrd - ideal beginner board.

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
I bought my board a year ago and he's (I named him Sanchez) been a faithful companion so far. Light, stable down a hill and really fun to push around town. Don't let the camber scare you off (I originally wanted to learn on a rocker), once you get used to it you'll appreciate the extra flex! One thing I will say is those 63mm Acid Drop wheels are a bit on the small side for the quality of pavement where I live, but I picked up some dirt cheap 76mm offset wheels in Barcelona for pennies, and now Sanchez is a monster truck!

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
The Freebyrd is a really nice cruiser, perfect for both a causal skate along the coast and for a quick dart through town. Its really nice and flexy making it very responsive with some good pump. Although I am not a beginner, it would definitely be great for one, especially for the price!

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
Bought this deck as my son had his xmas present snapped by a car running over it. we visited the shop and Adam fitted the new deck. i cant praise the service highly enough, deck fitted, bearings adjusted, lots of good tips. These guys know their subject, ask them for advice and let them carve the right path for you. Remember, you aren't just buying a board, you are getting advice and support in the deal.

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
Just beautiful. Bought two for my nephews to start their journey down the hill. Everything I expected and more. The lads at Lushlongboards couldn't have done a better job. (Cheers Adam)

Lush Freebyrd Review

5 5 1
I've just taking up longboarding, so this is my 1st board. But that said I'm gaining confidence quickly seems a stable board at most speeds. I did get speed wobbles at one point but I think that's because of my low skill level, not the board. Overall I'm very happy with the board and the service from the guys at lush longboards. Cheers dudes

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Lush Longboards Freebyrd FAQ's

  • Question: Is this board good for learning to slide?

    - Yes! This is a great first place to start learning to slide. Once you;ve got it down you might want something with a bit more concave and a stiffer deck - so if you can stretch to it, a Symbian 3D is worth looking into.

  • Question: Can this deck be topmounted?

    - Yes, of course. This is a great option if you want to put some bigger wheels on like Orangatang Kegels or Cult Raptures for a smoother ride. We haven't really tested this out with that many setups, so watch out for wheelbite!

  • Question: Can you use the Freebyrd for dancing and tricks?

    - Yes, there is enough of a nose/tail to flip the board if you want to. But if you're really stoked on this kind of longboarding, we recommend that you check out that the Symbian 3D, which features a much stronger construction and more aggressive kicktails.

  • Question: I am considering the Lush Freebyrd as a complete beginner for cruising and carving and attempting to improve my surfing. The Samba is out of my budget, and I'm not interested in learning to slide. How turny is the Freebyrd as standard and what upgrades can I buy to improve it's carving performance?

    - The Freebyrd is a great longboard for beginners - it's designed to skate as well as it can for those looking to buy a cheap longboard setup.

    We've found over the years that the most important thing on a cheap longboard complete is the trucks. It's the trucks that give you that carving feeling - more expensive trucks tend to come with higher-specced bushings, closer tolerances on the pivots, and a refined geometry. In our opinion, if you're really looking for the best bang for you buck, trucks should be the last thing you skimp on.

    With this in mind, it's really worth checking out the Pro and Elite setups, which come with come with Sabre trucks as standard. Whilst this isn't going to compete with the Samba in terms of out-and-out carving performance, you would not believe the difference that this will make compared to other cheap longboards out there!

  • Question: Hey, Just wondering, how much does this complete set up weigh? Looking for a light board to start out on. Cheers!

    - The complete Freebyrd comes in around around 3.1-3.2kgs.

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