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Lush Longboards Blog

British Downhill Skateboarding League 2017 – Results!


Lush Teamrider Jonny Braund is the British Downhill Skateboarding League’s 2017 Champion! Jon has been killing it all year, and he’s one of the nicest dudes on the UKDH scene to boot. Congratulations buddy!! Jon follows his teammate Pete Connolly (who was the champion first year) – so we have Lush boards on the podium.. Read More

Jorge skates Hospital


Jorge Pernes hooked up with his buddy Porkito from Timelapse Media to film this edit at one of his favourite spots – Olivera du Hospital. Jorge is ripping on a Machine 3D.

World Speed Record


Regular readers will know that teamrider and UK Downhill legend Pete Connolly has been gearing up for a trip to “L’Ultime Descente” – an downhill gravity speed event, now in its second year, in Quebec.   Following a trip to the north of England to find the fastest hill in the UK, and a series.. Read More

The Black Art Of Speed


How fast can you go on a skateboard? This is a question that skaters have been trying to answer since someone ripped the handle off a box scooter and pointed it down a hill. Regular followers of this blog will be familiar with Pete Connolly’s need for speed. But as anyone who regularly gets close.. Read More

Skate Faster… Pete going for UK TopSpeed


Pete Connolly is on a mission right now… with the TopSpeed Event in Quebec coming up, he’s been warming up to find out just how fast he can really go on his skateboard. First stop was a lonely pass somewhere in the North of England… clocking some of the highest speeds ever recorded in the.. Read More

Jonny Braund at Bleek


Our own Jonny Braund is currently #1 in the British Downhill Skateboarding League 2017 With only two races to go beofre the end of the year, everyone in the UKDH scene is watching to see if he can follow up Pete Connolly’s win from last year, which would put Lush riders on the #1 spot.. Read More

Bath to Bristol on a longboard – BBM 2017 report


We’ve just got in from this year’s Bristol Board Meeting – and it was a blast! This long-running longboard event is a day of longboarding, built around a distance push along an old disused railway line (now a cycle path) from Bath to Bristol. The aim is to raise as much money as possible via.. Read More

Bristol Board Meeting 2017


We’re proud to be running the Bristol Board Meeting, raising money for Clic Sargent, supporting kids with cancer. This long-standing event has been a staple of the UK’s longboarding events calendar for ten years now. Since we did the first one in 2007, we’ve raised over £50,000 for various charities via skateboarding. What’s going on? We’re skating from.. Read More

Inside the mind of a downhill skater… Pete Connolly talks racing


Pete Connolly has been hooked on downhill skateboarding for a long, long time. His drive to go as fast as possible on his skateboard has led him all over the globe, and made him many friends. A need for speed as strong as this can only be satisfied by racing… We asked Pete for his thoughts on longboarding, downhill, racing and.. Read More

Tenerife – Longboard trip unplanned


After working solidly for several months in Hamburg, Lush Teamrider Martin got the call from a few friends to see if he wanted to join them for a trip to the Longboarding Mecca that is Tenerife. After some initial hesitation, the following comparison: Hamburg – Cold, Damp, Dark, Grey, Flat VS Tenerife – Warm, Sunny, Mountainous,.. Read More

The Evolution of a Longboard Deck: Machine 3D X-Tuff


All our longboard decks are a product of many miles of skating, redrawing, pressing and cutting, experimenting with different constructions, and then more skating, until we have things exactly as we want them. Our search for the best shapes and profiles started way back in 1999, and has been ongoing ever since. We’ll never stop finding.. Read More

How to get free stickers


Every now and then we get a bit of post through the letterbox here at Lush Longboards HQ that makes it all worthwhile. This morning we had this from a skater who shopped with us just before Christmas: “Dear the team at Lush Longboards, I am relatively new to the longboarding scene and acquired my.. Read More

Welcome to Lush – Tristan Kodors


“Once we realise the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we’ll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate.” Tristan hails from Vancouver and is one of the nicest dudes you could ever hope to meet on the race circuit. Old Child Media Video Tristan skates a Lush Longboards Burner.

Hand Screened in Bristol


There’s no better feeling than creating something with your own hands. We have been screenprinting our own clothing at Lush HQ for a couple of years now. It’s fun and gives us freedom, both with artwork and with garment selection, that we wouldn’t have if we got them printed somewhere else. Fun and freedom are both things we like… Read More

Take your longboard to the pumptrack


Although you might have missed them, pumptracks have been around for a while. Built for Mountain and BMX bikes, they are essentially mini-BMX tracks. An emphasis on rollers and berms rather than huge jumps and doubles make them all about generating and maintaining  speed through pumping. Recently we have seen some UK pumptracks getting a full tarmac.. Read More