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Archives: November 2016

Mike’s Chopper 3D


I already have dedicated carving, park and downhill setups but wanted a “do it all” board for travelling and the Chopper 3D seemed like the perfect choice.

Abuga’s Grifter,Spacebyrd and Freebyrd


Update! Bought a Lush Grifter and Spacebyrd, someone stop me I’m spending too much money!! The Grifter is a great board for downhill, loads of wheelbase options so you can switch between Freeriding and DH. I like the Spacebyrd cause its small and nimble, the shovel nose isn’t to my liking but whatevs, its a.. Read More

Josh’s Lanzarote trip


Our buddy and Lush teamrider Josh Monk went on a trip to Lanzarote with his Chopper 3D for a bit of freeriding recently… words by Josh, Photos by Pablo Paxi. I’m a regular to Lanzarote; it’s landscape, coast, art, culture, people, food, hidden treasures and of course skate spots make me return again and again… Read More

Paul’s Spacebyrd Day


New Spacebyrd Day deck, my old one is near the end. Don’t want to offend your graphics guys, but I’ve been riding the same board for quite a while now, so thought I would give the new one a custom paint/sticker job. (Mainly all Lush stickers, so all is good)

J’s Samba and Kilima


Bought both decks at the same time as imports from the UK and built them up complete using the factory specs. Built a board rack at the same time as the overall collection was getting out of hand 🙂