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Archives: July 2012

Symbian Prog Rock


Is this even better than the Elevator Guitar Graphic we released last week? We think it might be… Pete Fowler has once again come up trumps with this beauty of a graphic, combine it with the now-iconic Symbian freeride shape and you have a winner. This is about the lowest board we do… drop-through and.. Read More

Eider Walls


A cool rider profile/lifestyle video from Eider Walls of Spain, definitely worth a watch if you have a spare 5 minutes 15 seconds. Downhill, dancing, freeride… it’s all in here! See if you can spot the Symbian, Shocker and Legend…

Harry / Zappa


Harry has been down Saffron Walden on his Zappa again… Thanks to Kevin Broadbent for the photo! More from Harry soon… keep an eye on his team page for more updates.

Luigi – Sequel


We just asked Luigi Russo to do us a quick clip for the Sequel product page – he came back with this… flat out.

Elevator – Prog Rock


We have a new Elevator graphic… The Cosmic/Melt switch is set to “Melt,” obviously… Chrome strings, pickups and knobs for full effect… One of our best sellers this year, and here’s why… Cult Classics, 0.75″ rocker concave, little mini-kicks and a semi-symetrical shape make this a perfect do-anything longboard. Here is a video to inspire.. Read More

Fee in the Alps


Cool video from Fee Bucheler of highlights from her ongoing roadtrip with Gloria Kupsch in the European Alps… Sick roads and good times!!!!

A Legend in Budapest


We’re proud to welcome Gabor Csutar to the Lush Team! Q&A by Zsófi Juhász and Nathan Settle. Q: You were part of the street skate scene for many years, how did you get into longboarding? A: I was obsessed with my street skating experience, so I denied longboarding as much as possible, for years… Even.. Read More

Vandem Freeride 2012 – Signup Open!


SIGNUP IS ONLINE HERE Over the weekend we managed to get the course extended, it’s now 1.3 miles long! The Green bit on the map above is the extended “new” section. Here’s a video filmed by Rob with Pete, John Griffo and Matt Elver mixing it up on the last 0.8 miles of the hill….. Read More

Symbian Prog Rock Preview


Pete Fowler’s new Symbian graphic is nearly ready… here’s a sneaky peak…

UK Freeride!


The UK now has a legit, closed-road freeride – click the poster for more info! This just happens to be on Pete Connolly’s birthday… see you there!

Lush Freeride Glove updates


We’ve just done another run of Lush Freeride Gloves, with a few small improvements… the most obvious of which is a smart new black colourway! The gloves also feature the same double-stitched Coats thread as the Deluxe Race Gloves…. …and we’re also using branded Velcro to make sure your pucks stay on! Unlike the Race.. Read More

“Skateboarding and longboarding is the same…”


Q&A with Our latest Swedish recruit, Erik Erlandsson… thanks to Yasmine Magnusson for the questions and Fredrik Blomqvist for the photos! Q – Best hill you’ve ever skated? A – Rödkullen up in Åre in the north of Sweden. It was a 4km run with nearly no cars and only 2 curves. It was super.. Read More

“Skate fast every day!”


We recently added Brazillian skater Luigi Russo to the Lush Team. While we’re putting the finishing touches on his edit, here’s a quick Q&A, with Rafael Fazano asking the questions… Q: Athletes have to eat health food to have high performances. What’s the food you eat before bombing Brazilian hills!? A: I love italian food,.. Read More

Tech sliding in Spain


Regular followers of our Twitter will know that long-time team rider Matt Pearce recently went to Bareclona with Nick Channon, armed with a SpaceByrd prototype and a GoPro. Here is what they came back with… techsliding is on the up again!

How to Spot with Don and Giovanni


If you skate downhill, you need to know how to spot. Spotting corners and junctions allows you to skate more hills, faster and safer. We borrowed everyone’s favourite UK up and comers to show you how it’s done… or not done… If you’re spotting, the first job is to identify a good place on the.. Read More