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Archives: April 2013

BourreHouse Media Crew


We had some visitors to grey old England this weekend – our friends Clément Gayraud, Patrick Allan and Arnaud Stricher came over all the way from Paris for a beer and some local treats. Arnaud filming Patrick at our local steepspot… It was super good to see Clément Gayraud skating again after a year out.. Read More

Darren’s Thrill Interview


The last issue of the UK’s longboard magazine, Thrill Magazine, featured an interview with Darren Rathbone, who is the man responsible for many of our deck shapes here at Lush. Read on for a view into his mind… Darren Rathbone, is a veteran UK skater who resides in Bristol and carries the official title of.. Read More

Steezepony Q&A


Continuing our series of team Q&A’s, here’s a quickfire round with our South African ambassador… Gerhard Nel. Brittany Fine Pic. Favourite Lush boards? Pinnacle for steez and Machine for sleez. Current set up? Pinnacle, 200mm gog’s and Cult Cerebrum or Zilla depending on grip; Machine with Caliber 44’s, riser pads and small converters. Lean-orientated setup.. Read More

Corner Session


Jordan Riachi and Max Heaton hitting a Brisbane corner… Jordan’s on the Steezestoker as usual… killer deck, killer style…

Q&A – Fee Bücheler


We recently cornered our resident Women’s Camp Organiser Schnapps Fairy, Fee Bücheler, for a quick fire Q&A…go! Name: Fee Bücheler Hometown: Growing up in Stuttgart Living now: in my Van AKA Names: Frau Fee Years sk8ing: Around 10 years Everybody should know: I am a f*cking fairy!! Who are your sponsors? LushLongboards, CultWheels, SabreTrucks, SixxaClothing,.. Read More



Our friends from France are coming to visit us this weekend… Spot Patrick shredding the Symbian Topmount in this edit. More on Bourrehousemedia Dot Com.

Women’s Longboard Camp 2013


We are proud to be supporting the Women’s Longboard Camp 2013 with a fleet of decks and completes! Here’s what co-organiser Christine Maier had to say about her ground-breaking event… “I’m worried I’m not good enough…?” …is one of the most common enquiries we get about our skate camps. Judging by the overall response and.. Read More



Name: Eduardo Evans Lopes Guimarães Home town: Porto, Portugal Nicknames: EKO Years skating: 5 Sponsors: Lush Longboards Cult Wheels Deckheads Skate Shop Cactus Distribution Favourite Lush Boards: Legend, Pinnacle Current set up: Lush Legend, Paris 180, Cult Death Ray. Chosen terrain: Smooth ass assault Best skate events: •Without a doubt KNK longboard camp Slovenia •Velefique.. Read More

Q&A – Luigi Russo


Favourite Lush boards: Penman`s Steezstoker, Freeryder and the Shocker Current set up?: Steezstoker/Sabre GC/F-38 190mm/Cult Gamma Ray and Freeryder/Sabre GC 45/Cult Classics Chosen terrain: Any hill with turns! Best sk8 events: Bagiru Slide Jam ( it`s a local event, but its INSANE )! Worst injuries: I hit my head twice! The helmet saved me as.. Read More

Q&A – Rob Borek


1) Favourite Lush boards? Sequel, Throttle 2) Current set up? For riding fast: Sequel with Sabre CF38’s, special Devon made no rake hangers, and Cult Traction Beams. For riding not quite as fast: Throttle, CF38 180mm, Cult Cerebrum 3) Chosen terrain? The longest, steepest, fastest roads i can find! 4) Best skate events? For the.. Read More

Q&A – Gabor Csutar


Name: Gábor Csutár Hometown: Budapest Living now: Budapest! Years of sk8ing: From age Five… then intensive street skating from 12-16 (4 years), then longboarding for 1 year so far Current set up? Wizard, GC-45 Sabre Trucks, Cult Isms Favourite Lush boards? The Legend and the Wizard, yet (looking forward for the Freeryder, has to be.. Read More